LED Strip Lights: The Best to Buy

Would you like to give an extra touch to your gaming station? Or do you want to make the lighting in your room more pleasant? Then the LED Strip Lights are the accessories that definitely do for you. More and more people decide to give a touch of light to a particular corner of the environment, such as behind the desk or the TV.

The market is literally full of various models of LED Strip Lights, and for this reason, it can be challenging to find the model that suits you. Therefore, we have decided to create a guide on the best-LED strip lights to buy to help you in your choice and resolve any doubts.

How to choose LED Strip Lights

There are not many aspects to consider when buying an item of this kind. The choice of purchase depends above all on the intended use. The LED strips lend themselves to various uses, but you need to have clear ideas for installing them before buying them.

The LED strip lights intended to be installed outdoors must be equipped with a certification that protects them from the elements. For this reason, you will have to choose a model with an IP certification to protect it from water infiltration.

If you want to place the strip inside your PC case or behind your desk, you can buy a normal LED strip without considering any certifications. As for the length, the best-selling models are the 1.64 ft reels, which can easily be shortened with a simple pair of scissors. It is also possible to recover the 6.5 ft ones with a USB connection.

Furthermore, there are two different types of strip models: the normal LED strip lights and the Addressable type strips. The main difference between the two models is that the Addressable LED can be individually programmed.

This means that everyone can take on a different color, allowing you to create charming light effects. However, don’t forget the cost of these products. The normal LED strip lights have a meager cost, while the Addressable ones reach quite high costs.

The Best LED Strip Lights to Buy

LEDMO LED Strip Light

LEDMO LED Strip Light Non-Waterproof SMD2835 600LEDs 3000K 16.4Ft DC12V 15LM/LED 3 Times Brightness Than SMD 3528 LED Light Strip LED Ribbon for Kicthen Bedroom and Sitting Room Warm White
  • LED strip lights christmas decorations!!!High Quality SMD2835 LED, 600 LEDs...
  • DIY FOR YOURSELF!!Cuttable Every 3 LEDs along the cutting marks, reconnect with...
  • Non-waterproof IP20, LED Light Strip, prefect for home and business lighting...
  • LED Strip Lights, Need to feed by a 12V/5A (60Watt) Power adapter( ASIN:...
  • The width of the strand is 8mm, LED Light Strip, Long life span 1 Year warranty

Are you looking for LED strip light to be placed behind the desk for Kitchen, Bedroom, and Sitting Room Warm White? Then the Ledmo strip is one of the best choices to make. It does not have a certification for waterproofing, and this allows you to keep a meager price. The coil contains a strip of 16.4 ft, which releases a power of about 60 W.

This model ensures excellent longevity of 50,000 hours of continuous lighting. Furthermore, you can cut it in the pre-established points to shorten its length according to your preferences. In the sales package, there are the coil and the power supply. Unfortunately, the remote control and the receiver are missing, which can be purchased separately. The separately purchased remote control will allow you to set the color and effect you prefer.

CORSAIR RGB LED Lighting PRO Expansion Kit

Corsair RGB LED Lighting PRO Expansion Kit (CL-8930002),Black
  • Commander Pro and lighting node Pro compatible: expand your system lighting...
  • Individually addressable RGB LED strips. Each RGB LED strip is independently...
  • Multiple mounting options. The RGB LED strips have both mounting Tape backings...
  • Package Weight: 0.113 kilograms
  • English (Publication Language)

Want to twist your gaming case? Then the choice definitely falls on the Corsair Lighting Pro Kit. The package includes 4 Addressable RGB LED strips. Each LED is controlled independently, which allows you to get unique and enjoyable lighting effects.

The assembly is straightforward, thanks to some magnets and ribbons that allow you to fix the strips in the case easily. The operation of these strips requires the use of the Commander Pro, which allows you to connect LED strips and fans and control them using the appropriate software.


BTF-LIGHTING WS2813 (Upgraded WS2812B) 3.2ft 144(2X72) Pixels Dream Color Individually Addressable RGB LED Flexible Strip Light 5050 SMD Dual Signal Backup Data IP30 Non-waterproof DC5V Black PCB
  • Individually Addressable.Dream full color Programmable LED Strip,WS2813 LED,...
  • Dual-signal wires version, signal break-point continuous transmission. If one...
  • Wide compatibility. It is well compatible with K-1000C,SP105E bluetooth...
  • Easy installation. It comes with self-adhesive tape on its back, so you can fix...
  • Connect freely. It comes with 4-pin JST SM connectors and separated power/ground...

This LED strip light is very similar to those previously seen. The peculiarity of this model is that the LED inside is of the Addressable type, which is individually programmable. The coil contains a 3.3 ft strip with 300 LED inside. Each LED can take on a different color, regardless of the color taken by others.

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