Xiaomi Action Cam: The best to Buy

The action cam is certainly a product desired by many. They have given the user the possibility of creating films with a remarkable impact, thanks to the fact that they can be attached everywhere thanks to the numerous dedicated accessories.

First, GoPro was to market the first compact camcorders, effectively creating a new segment of video cameras. Over time, other competitors have appeared in the action cam world with more or less valid products, but certainly less expensive.

Xiaomi has acquired Yi Technology, a startup created to produce sports video cameras among these. Of course, Xiaomi has brought great luck to Yi, given the vast amount of action cam sold. But, of course, Yi’s success is not only due to the aggressive price at which action cam is sold.

They are the only company to present alternative products to the more famous GoPro with absolute quality characteristics. Here is a quick overview of the best Xiaomi action cams to buy!

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Yi 4k+

This Yi 4K+ is Xiaomi’s top-of-the-range action cam. The Yi 4K offers recording up to 4K at 60 fps, in addition to 4K at 30 fps recordable with the 155-degree Ultra Wide Lens and 1080 f at 120 fps, all electronically stabilized on 3 axes.

The 2.2-inch display is of remarkable quality, allowing all the camera settings to be managed. The engine that runs the Yi 4K+ is an Ambarella H2, and the sensor is a Sony IMX377 12 Megapixels CMOS.

The 1,200 mAh battery can guarantee, according to the house, as many as 73 minutes of shooting in 4K at 60 fps. Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi are included to connect to the dedicated Yi app, available for iOS and Android, and broadcast your footage live.

The impermeability of the main body is lacking, but do not despair: there is, among the extensive choice of accessories, the protective case, capable of making the Yi 4K+ waterproof up to 40 m depth.

Yi 4K

Yi 4K is the ancestor of the Yi 4K+. As you can guess from the name, it maintains the ability to record in 4K, even if only at 30 fps at a bitrate of 100 Mbps. The chip of this Yi 4K is an Ambarella A9SE75, while the image sensor is Sony, precisely a 12 Megapixels IMX377.

The lenses, made up of 7 layers of glass, can provide a viewing angle of up to 155 degrees in Ultrawide mode. The battery, obviously replaceable, manages to sustain even 110 minutes of shooting in 4K.

Do not miss the Bluetooth 4.0 and WIFI dual-band connectivity to connect to the Yi action application available for iOS and Android and the ability to broadcast live footage on Facebook and Youtube.

Yi Lite

If 4K is not your priority, but you still want to record your movies with excellent quality, then Yi Lite is for you. Yi Lite can film in 4K, but only at 20 fps, which does not make it advisable for principal filming.

On the contrary, the recording mode in 1080p at 60 fps will be beneficial, or the classic 1080p mode at 30 fps with electronic stabilization. All are adjustable with a field of view up to 150 degrees, thanks to the f/2.8 aperture lens and 6-layer glass lenses.

The SoC is a Hisilicon Hi3556V100, while the image sensor is a 16-megapixel Sony IMX206. Do not miss, as in the higher-end models, Bluetooth 4.1 LE and WiFi to connect with the Yi smartphone app, available for both iOS and Android.

Yi Discovery

The most economical solution of the Yi family is the Yi Discovery, an action cam that has everything you need for novice video amateurs. Yi Discovery can shoot movies at 1080p 60 fps as well as 4K at 20 fps. The main difference with the most expensive action cam is in the image processor and sensor. Here are the least performing 16 Megapixels Allwinner V30 and Sony IMX179, lacking electronic stabilization.

Noteworthy is the 2-inch screen on the camera’s back and the lens, which reaches an f / 2.4 aperture and 150-degree field of view. Inevitable, as on the whole range of Yi action cam, the presence of WiFi to interface to the action cam via smartphone thanks to Yi Action, available for iOS and Android. If your budget is limited, Yi Discovery will not disappoint you!

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