Sony HDR Fx7: Review

The Sony HDR FX7 camcorder, was launched recently and is meant to take the place of the highly acclaimed Sony HDR-FX1, with respect to which is smaller  and lighter. It represents the ideal solution for enthusiasts who demand the highest quality in the shooting light and compact video cameras.

It is an HDV camera with the ability to record high-definition then in DV or miniDV format. The most obvious innovation is definitely the presence of 3 ClearVid CMOS Sensor, developed exclusively by Sony, which use a new distribution of pixels and provide better resolution and fidelity in color reproduction. The centerpiece of the Sony HDR FX7 is the Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T 20 optical zoom, the quality of which has now long been known to industry professionals.

The performance of the zoom, they are also exceptional and if  combined with the Digital Extender, 30x magnification allows for sharp close-ups and perfect. To these primary features, it adds a 3.5-inch diagonal LCD screen and a resolution of 211,000 pixels. Finally, one Steady Shot image stabilizer that compensates for arm movements during shooting by eliminating the risk of camera shake.

Sony has also focused on nutrition and has chosen a lithium battery that, thanks to the STAMINA technology, allows the user a good 8 hours of recordings. The package includes finally, in addition to the battery also charger, power adapter, AV cable, USB cable, or protects the objective and a wireless remote control.

Sony HDR Fx7: Design

The external appearance is one of the elements on which Sony has worked hard during the development of this new camera, which aims to attract professionals and amateurs. Inspired aesthetically to the predecessor, the FX1, the new Sony HDR Fx7 has dimensions much more compact and also a lower weight.

Specifically, this device measures 322 mm deep, 156 mm high and 45 mm wide, and weighs 1.4 pounds. Of great interest is then the display available, type LCD, 3.5-inch diagonal and a resolution of 211,000 pixels. The display is assisted by a color viewfinder and using  both. You  can be sure to shoot subjects in the best way.

Sony HDR Fx7: Features and Functionality

Sony has recently launched this new camera, meant to take the place of the much-loved predecessor, the HDR FX1, with respect to which has, in addition to smaller size and lighter weight, also notable features. The Sony HDR FX7 is an HDV camera, with the ability to record high definition or so with standard-definition  DV format or miniDV format.

The first important feature that distinguishes this camera from the others is the presence of image sensors 3 ClearVid CMOS type, one for each primary color, exclusive invention of Sony, which use a new distribution of pixels, thanks to which you can get sharp images and perfect. Prejudice to the technical specifications, the HDR FX7 features a Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T, the quality of which is well known by industry professionals.

The optical zoom is capable of 20x magnification but the camera also has a digital extender that multiplies this value by 1.5 times, therefore, combined with the optical zoom, ensures a capacity of 30x magnification for clear, detailed close-ups.

Among other things, the objective lenses are made with ED glass (Extra-low dispersion) that reduces the problems of light refraction ensuring beautiful images. Another specification to consider is the system called Steady Shot image stabilization, which compensates for arm movements during shooting by eliminating the risk of camera shake.

Sony HDR Fx7
Sony HDR Fx7

In addition to enabling great results in an incredibly simple, the camera HDR FX7 has a wide range of manual adjustments, by focusing on the shutter speed and white balance, which can make the ultimate creative control when shooting any scene. It has, among other things, a slot for memory cards, Memory Stick Duo to transfer still images to a computer via the USB port.

Perfect for shooting video, the Sony HDR FX7 obviously has a microphone and an integrated speaker, to capture all the sounds nearby. In addition, the reduced energy consumption allows shooting longer, standard battery rechargeable lithium battery, combined with STAMINA technology, extends recording time up to a maximum of 8 hours recording in HDV.

Finally, you can connect your camcorder to a TV new generation high definition ready and get perfect video and audio signals, using an HDMI cable. The package includes finally, in addition to the battery mentioned above, also battery charger, power adapter, AV cable for audio/video connection, a USB cable for connecting to your computer, protect the lens and a wireless remote control.


An overall judgment on the new Sony HDR FX7 is more than positive as it is a high-quality camera, with the ability to record high definition or standard definition, to meet different needs. To underline the 3 image sensors mounted, one for each primary color, which is in itself an interesting novelty, and the Carl Zeiss optics, which do not require judgments. The zoom is very good and the display also. The more compact dimensions of the industry average. The image stabilizer eliminates the risk of blurred photos, and the battery has a long service life.

Where to Buy Sony HDR Fx7

Easy of Use
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PROS : Battery life, Carl Zeiss optics; Three sensors, stabilizer; Display.

CONS : Price.

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