Sony HDR SR1: Review

The new camcorder Sony HDR SR1 records high-definition images on a hard disk drive 30 GB, thanks to an image sensor with ClearVid CMOS, and its Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T Liquid Crystal Display Hybrid Clear Photo Plus 3.5 inch with touch panel, wide color viewfinder, as well as a feature that allows you to capture still images of up to 2 megapixels while recording movies round out the list of the plusses of this product.

In addition, Sony HDR SR1 was supplied with a fantastic display Clear Photo LCD Plus 3.5-inch TFT with touchscreen:

This display is currently the largest on the market. With a range of colors and contrasts of about 1.6 times higher than the previous display, the colors are brighter and more natural whites and blacks and more defined, all for a natural image that achieves wonderful results. You can get these results even in the special high-quality XP mode. In addition to all, Sony Hdr Sr1 is equipped with a powerful 10x optical zoom and 80x digital zoom.

Sony HDR SR1: Design

From the aesthetic point of view, the Sony HDR SR1 is a camcorder from quite compact dimensions, in particular, measuring 8.4 cm in height, 7.8 cm in width and 16.2 inches deep. The weight instead is really abundant, on 720 grams. Of note, in addition, the 3.5-inch LCD display, the largest in its class, and with a resolution of 211,200 pixels.

With a range of colors and contrasts of about 1.6 times higher than the previous display, the colors are brighter and more natural whites and blacks and more defined, all for a natural image that achieves fantastic results. The camera also has a color viewfinder with a resolution of 123,200 pixels.

Sony HDR SR1: Features and Functionality

The camcorder Sony HDR SR1, the market for several months with the Sony HDR UX1, is one of the first models to take advantage of the ability to record in high definition. The two camera functionality is very similar, and their main difference consists in the fact that the first support comprises a hard disk on which to store video footage while the second recording to DVD, but both are able to support the new recording format AVCHD for a quality of picture and sound unbeatable.

Specifically, the HDR SR1 is equipped with an internal hard disk 30 GB integrated well and is able to store up to 11 hours in Long Play mode from 5 mbps. In XP mode with very high quality, capable of handling up to 15 mbps, the hard disk can store up to hours of HD videos.

Sony HDR SR1
Sony HDR SR1

The camcorder has, in addition, HDD Smart Protection system, which ensures maximum protection of the hard disk. In addition to a system of shock absorption, designed specifically for the camcorder, the disc itself can detect the sudden acceleration caused by a fall and instantly turns off the heads, protecting them together hard disk from damage by collision. As regards, secondly, the technical specifications, the Sony HDR SR1 mounted an image sensor type ClearVid CMOS 1/3, 0, and a Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T with a focal range equivalent to 5.1 to 51 mm.

The magnification power is entrusted to the 10x optical zoom and 80x digital one which, when combined, provide the capture of the smallest detail. Not only will you have high-definition video footage, but thanks Enhanced Imaging Processor. You can also take pictures amazingly sharp and detailed to 4 megapixels.

The latter may be stored on external memory cards with Memory Stick Duo, to be inserted through the slot. Other available functions include the Dual Record, which allows you to record video and take pictures at the same time to 2.3 megapixels and the Smooth Slow Record, to record in slow motion.

Of course, you cannot miss the optical stabilizer that compensates for hand movements and reduces the risk of blurred photos or movies. As for the audio industry,Sony HDR SR1 focuses on audio codecs Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, able to offer clean sound and of high quality.


Without a shadow of doubt, the Sony HDR SR1 is one of the best camcorders manufactured by Sony so far, especially because it uses its internal hard disk but also because it introduces the new AVCHD recording format, which ensures outstanding picture quality.

The display is the largest in its class; high-quality and sizes are average. It is instead the high weight of 720 grams well. The features offered by this model are many and justify, in part, the high price. Note, finally, that the hard disk of 30 GB allows up to 11 hours of continuous recording.

Where to Buy Sony HDR SR1

Easy of Use
Value of Money

PROS : Display; stabilizer; New AVCHD format.

CONS : Price.

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