Samsung HMX-H400: Review

The Samsung HMX-H400 is a Full HD camcorder with CMOS sensor BSI and long battery life of 3 hours with OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer) Duo with which images will be sharp and flicker-free. The camera is equipped with 30x optical zoom and 45x digital zoom in addition to the convenient time-lapse function, in addition to convenient pause function during recording without interruption of the file for the video shot. The Samsung HMX-H400 is completed at the technological level of the Smart Auto and face recognition capabilities.

Samsung HMX-H400: Design

The Samsung HMX-H400 is a Full latest HD camcorder with a modern and essential design features 3-inch LCD display with a resolution of 230000 pixels. The dimensions of the camera are contained and equal to 4.95 x 5.66 x 11.97 cm with a weight of 228 grams without battery, features that enable practice in use of every opportunity. The side handles on the right side in the camera body is safe to use and functional in all conditions of use, even if handled.

Samsung HMX-H400: Features and Functionalities

The Samsung HMX-H400 has a BSI CMOS sensor with a resolution of 5 MP (the number of effective pixels is 1.75 MP), thanks to the CMOS technology, the light filters for separating the components of a color reproduction extremely crisp and true to life, very different from the play that would be provided with a CCD sensor.

One of the fundamental aspects and which cannot possibly be in the background when you decide to buy a camera of this type is the long battery life (3 hours): thanks to the unique technology used by Samsung for recording HD video the battery is greatly saved and managed in order to gain a better camera for three consecutive hours (battery life comes to 3 hours only in the case of continuous shooting with a battery bundled source Samsung).

Samsung HMX-H400
Samsung HMX-H400

Perfect the system of image stabilization OIS Duo that allows you to shoot without flickering even when shooting moved. The OIS Duo function compensates for the movement with the hands of those who use it but also the movement of the digital zoom to 45x (optical zoom is the camera’s 30x). The camera comes with an LCD display 3-inch wide touchscreen with a resolution of 230000 pixels that reproduces vivid images and especially sharp without getting unpleasant effects false color and opaque.

The Samsung HMX-H400 is equipped with a convenient feature that allows you to put the pause recording without interrupting the recording file and then allowing a phase of post-processing extremely smooth and orderly. With the ability to the time-lapse video camera produces still images at regular intervals and then creates a file with HD snapshots in chronological order, thanks to the Night mode, Zooming and Panning which allowed a high level of customization.

To complete the automatic features and functions of the camera, in addition to face recognition, we will find the Smart Auto feature that lets you choose from 11 pre-programmed modes automatically depending on light intensity and the image to be photographed.


The Samsung HMX-H400 a camera is the latest generation of content definitely price than the competition but without some issues that could raise its quality (such as WiFi) but also the price. Very interesting the Smart Auto function and face recognition, which in combination with the time-lapse function, help to make this camera suitable for a young audience but at the same time pretentious. One of the great virtues of the camera is definitely the long-lasting battery that allows continuous video recording (can be interrupted due to the pause function) for a time equal to 3 hours.

Easy of Use
Value of Money

PROS : OIS Duo; Pause during recording without interruption of the file; Long battery life (3 hours), time-lapse function; Functions Smart Auto, Face Recognition function; BSI CMOS sensor, 30x optical zoom, 3-inch wide touchscreen display , My Clip function; 45x Digital Zoom.


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