Samsung ATIV Smart PC: Review

The Samsung ATIV Smart PC is a device capable of ensuring performance of mobile computing exceptional in any field, and thanks to the docking station with keyboard separable, can be used as a real laptop or as a tablet, thus adapting to the needs of those who uses it.

It has a compact design, touch screen display with multi-touch 10 fingers, Intel Atom next generation Windows 8 operating system, 2 GB RAM, graphics Intel HD Graphics, WLAN connectivity, Bluetooth 4.0, microHDMI port, microSD, S Pen provided to write and draw directly on the screen with S-Note application pre-installed, 2 MP front camera, rear camera 8 megapixel camera, internal memory of 64 GB.

Samsung ATIV Smart PC: Design

The Samsung ATIV Smart PC is a tablet elegant design, whose main feature is the detachable keyboard docking. The front of the device is fully occupied by the touch screen display HD LED 12.6-inch with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. The weight is just 744 grams, and the dimensions are 304 mm wide, 189.4 mm in height and 9.9 mm in depth. With the keyboard, the weight reaches 1.5 kg.

Samsung ATIV Smart PC: Features and Functionality

In conjunction with the launch of the new Windows 8, Samsung unveiled during the month of August this year, the new series of devices ATIV based, precisely, on this operating system. The Samsung ATIV Smart PC is one of the first representatives of the new family, which includes tablets, smartphones, PCs and smart. It is a device that combines the power of a classic laptop with the convenience of a tablet, as will be seen below.

Starting from the data purely technical, this device is based on an Intel Atom Z2760 1.5 Ghz with 512 MB cache, a memory of 2 GB RAM, a flash drive built-in 64 GB, expandable via cards microSD memory, operating system, Windows 8, which is the most recent in circulation, and a graphics accelerator Intel HD Graphics.

Coming back to the initial, the Samsung ATIV Smart PC differs from other models of tablet into service for its extreme versatility. If used as such ensures maximum portability and convenience during travel, but if it is connected to the keyboard docking supplied turns into a real laptop, ultrabook or better given the size, ensuring high performance and professional.

But that’s not all. Worth mentioning is definitely the display, which has a very interesting feature. Apart from the fact of being a 11.6-inch capacitive touch screen, with a good resolution, it also features multitouch technology, which can use it simultaneously with 5 fingers, and pinch-to-zoom. In a nutshell, this screen ensures greater ease of use.

Samsung ATIV Smart PC
Samsung ATIV Smart PC

Always remaining in the display, the other key feature of the Samsung ATIV Smart PC S-Note is the application that allows you to write directly on the screen using the supplied S-Pen, take notes, draw and write down everything that you want, including the other with different input modes. It should also be pointed out that the pen can be placed comfortably in the special slot on the screen.

Definitely, the wide-area connectivity of this tablet, which includes Wi-Fi, free to surf the Internet by connecting to a hotspost, Bluetooth technology and USB 2.0 port, to exchange data with other devices, and support for 3G network, and HSPA technology, to navigate the Web using SIM card. Last but not least the micro HDMI input for connection to devices in high definition. To these, we add the USB ports on the keyboard.

Noteworthy too is the media department of the Samsung ATIV Smart PC, particularly the photo. It has an 8-megapixel main camera, complete with LED flash that allows you to take photos and high-quality video, and a front-facing camera, ideal to be able to make video calls via Wi-Fi or 3G network.

Remain to mention the built-in GPS and various sensor’s screen, which include those of the ambient light, accelerometer, compass, gyroscope and proximity. With regard to the self, the tablet has a 2-cell lithium-ion battery that allows you to arrive safely at the end of the working day. When connected with the keyboard instead, autonomy goes out to 16 hours of use.


In conclusion, the Samsung ATIV Smart PC looks like a high-quality device and particularly innovative and interesting. The ability to use it alone or with the keyboard is its strong point, but the real gem is the ability to write to the screen with the S-Pen, to store and then into the slot. The rest of the features is above average, and excellent photographic department, park full connectivity and advanced features. If you want to find just the one flaw is the choice graphics accelerator instead of the graphics card.

Where to Buy Samsung ATIV Smart PC


Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T 11.6-Inch Detachable 2 in 1 Touchscreen Laptop
  • Intel Atom Z2760, Up to 1.8 GHz
  • 2 GB DDR2L
  • 64 GB SSD
  • 11.6 Inch Screen
  • Windows 8
Value of Money

PROS : Keyboard separable Full connectivity, 8 MP camera, integrated S-Pen, the new operating system; microHDMI port; Application Note S-preloaded; Autonomy; Intel Atom generation; Front camera 2 MP, GPS.

CONS : Only graphics accelerator; internal capacitance.

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