Guide to Buying a GPS

In a society that is growing, expanding, either for work or for pleasure, you travel frequently (some are even many kilometers to work every day). For this reason, in recent years this part of the street is natural to see a multitude of people to use a GPS (some use the receivers before they can connect to your smartphone or notebook). Some use of portable versions to take with itself, others to be placed in the dashboard of your car. Now we will see how to orient ourselves and what features should have a GPS that we intend to buy.

Brands, Operation and Use.

There are various devices for sale (there are many models available for each brand), but in reality, there are not many homes in which we can entrust us (of course if you are keen to have a quality product that does not make us bad jokes), especially as covers products for use: Tom Tom, Garmin, Mio, Telesystem, Magellan, Navigon, geonav to name the most famous, supported and reliable.

To take advantage of this important service (just think of rescue at sea, for example) do not need to subscribe to any subscription, once you purchase our favorite device, we must not do is position ourselves in an open spot and wait to receive the signal from the satellites in orbit around the earth (which often happens to be in the thick bush, or in the shade of buildings such as skyscrapers and housing complexes, limits the signal reception).

A navigation system for every need. Not all browsers are equal as well as not all people have the same needs: this is because according to the place where we are, we need equipment or maps useful for that particular situation (for instance, in the sea, we will not use a browser to use in machine and vice versa). Not only does the GPS system then, but also of maps created ad hoc ch and support our needs (the military will have the most detailed maps and points of interest other than the camper).

Let’s see what uses and what supports are especially suitable for our needs :

Leisure : In this case, we need a compact and portable device, that allows us to not have too much space. Are commercially available smartphone with an integrated GPS receiver, which then we can install any mapping software. Not only, that, for all those people who want to have their hands free, or, for example, biker unable to tear his eyes from the road, are on the market navigator’s wrist, that although they do see the map and its true, thanks to a system of points of interest, to allow fairly orientation.

Cars : this kind of GPS navigators are generally sold with a kit that allows you to attach the device to your windshield or dashboard of the car. They have a display large enough (generally from 3 thumbs up), and are touchscreen interfaces with the stereo or mobile phone, allow you to never have to take my eyes off the wheel to get information on the road ahead or simply to make or receive a call.

At Sea : we speak of technical devices, useful for those who like to work out on the boat or is forced to remain at large and have to navigate quickly and accurately. Unlike other models, we will have pre-loaded portions of sea and coasts. We have to score or any new points of interest. Generally, we deal with devices waterproof, which in the case of accidents float in the water and that too with strong direct light, allowing the display of the map. Some point for the advance of the tides and shoals of fish.

Useful functions of a GPS navigator

Generally, surfers have a deviation profit of 10-15 meters (ie the mistake in indicating the exact location is very low), but in case you require more precision, then you’ll need to focus on a device DGPS, or Differential GPS, which allows a maximum deviation of 1 to 3 meters.

Also important is the interface to the user: the difference between a color display and monochrome (for sporting goods or sectoral), lies in the sharpness in all situations in which we can observe the device, but on the other hand, , color monitor and large, consume batteries faster than a single color (and in the case of special situations that might make a difference). Profit for the possibility to control the browser by touch (touch screen) and highly recommended for those who drive a speech interface, so as to be able to turn when, without losing sight of the road and then stay focused.

The maps are important because they indicate which direction to go. GPS should prefer that allow you to update the maps or even install software other than that supplied the purchase. Despite the maps already installed, it would be ideal to opt for devices with an internal memory or better, with the ability to expand through Secure Digital or Compact Flash, for example. This is because we always have the option to download map data (POI, cameras, dining, etc.) from other users, or create our own.

For the most demanding, users might be useful to the purchase of GPS receivers with other functions, such as radio transmitting useful for those who enjoy hiking, or work in unfamiliar places, which must have on hand the radio to communicate but also must be able to indicate their precise location or PDAs (smartphones etc.).

Boaters also have high-end media players, voice recognition and connection with the phone. If we know in advance that our device will be exposed to the weather (if we use motorcycle or bicycle), or may be subject to strong shock (accidental drops, vibration, etc.), then you should bring a case to protect it from possible accidents, or bet on a device specifically designed to withstand greater stress.

What accessory is better support?

Like all products on the market, not all the useful accessories are bundled, but often you are forced to buy them later. Not all devices support all the accessories. It is therefore, essential to determine which features will serve us before purchasing and consequently, check if this is supported. If we need to install maps provided to or different from those we are used to interface our GPS to your PC, then we have to make sure that we are given (or can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website) all the software needed for these operations.

In the case of a smartphone with GPS functions, it is always better to obtain a GPS holder that you can attach to your dashboard or windshield, so as not to risk positions unsuitable product and then falling over. Although the reception is almost always great, some of the antennas can be mounted supplementary (in addition to the internal ones) that depending upon the place can greatly improve the reception.

Always make sure that it can then install additional antennas not only the manufacturer, but also compatible. Make sure that the packaging is also provided for connecting the cable and charger (in the case of devices for car cigarette lighter that too) so that the device always true always ready to use.

A function that should never be missed is the bluetooth module that allows you to connect mobile phones (so that you can receive hands-free calls) or to connect to many different devices (PCs, video surveillance equipment. Aperture automated etc.). Do not forget to check that it is supported by the expansion memory cards, and that they are of common type (not proprietary and hard to find).

Product prices and availability are subject to change. Any price and availablility information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of any products.

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