Ergonomic keyboard: Which to buy

When you choose a keyboard, you often make mistakes, and do not evaluate the use that you will use later. In fact, compared to the past, the models have multiplied, and it is possible to find many variations on the web.

If, like us, you spend a lot of time in front of your PC, you will surely have realized that using a standard product does not always meet the expectations you have created. The ergonomic keyboards offer a real comfort of another level and will make your computer sessions pleasant and stress-free.

Not all ergonomic keyboards are the same, and today we are here for this. After analyzing some parameters of choice, we will show you all the models we want to offer you. Rest assured that, if you choose them, you will be pleasantly satisfied and will totally change the way you type.

Ergonomic keyboard: How to choose it

If you are used to using an economic keyboard that you may have bought together with your PC, and you have never changed, you will be surprised when you realize how changing the typology can improve your feeling.

On the other hand, the ergonomic keyboards have been created to give the possibility to make the most of the naturalness of a specially designed form to minimize the difficulties in writing. Before showing you the models we have chosen then, we will show you some basic rules to properly choose the most suitable model for you.

Wireless or with cable?

When you buy a keyboard, the first detail to consider is definitely whether you choose it with or without a cable. In fact, this difference can greatly change the way you use it, and depending on the surrounding environment. It may be very good or an absolute fiasco.

The ergonomically designed keyboards offer a much lower response time. Although this detail may seem indifferent, in the reality of daily use results in dozens of jokes saved and in much less stress while typing.

If we consider a type of use then, compared to a mouse that is constantly moving, a keyboard remains for most of the time stopped. This means that, unless you need to use it on other devices such as a Smart TV, an ergonomic keyboard with cable is the best choice.

Also keep in mind that for the same performance, a wireless keyboard is usually more expensive than a traditional one and can run into annoying interferences that will inexorably worsen the operation.

The function keys

Many keyboards today, have extra function keys that allow you to launch applications, control music playback, volume and many other aspects. In addition to the more classic ones, ranging from F1 to F12, they often integrate others, which can be used via the FN key, which stands for function.

These shortcuts can be really useful and save you a lot of time during your PC sessions. Remember, that it is often necessary to install a dedicated software that varies depending on the brand of the keyboard. Usually, you can find more information about it on the manufacturer’s website or on the product box.

Mechanical or membrane keyboard?

This is a dilemma faced by many users who usually want to approach gaming. We tell you right away that usually ergonomic keyboards use the membrane mechanism, but despite this, we will briefly explain the differences between the two models.

A membrane keyboard is usually much cheaper and quieter than a mechanical model. However, this results in less sensitivity when typing and a slower scroll speed. This happens because to close the contact of the keys it is necessary to crush them with more force. This same detail could lead to wear of the membranes over time, which can jeopardize the functioning of the keyboard itself.

The mechanical keyboards instead are usually dedicated to gaming and offer a feeling while typing completely different. Because of the mechanism used, typing will be faster and more precise. In addition, the switches are easily removable and this facilitates cleaning and maintenance. To conclude this paragraph we leave you an article dedicated to the best mechanical keyboards.

The best ergonomic keyboards

After analyzing some very important points in the choice of a keyboard, we approach the highlight of our article. From now, we will show you the best ergonomic keyboard models we have selected for you.

Microsoft Sculpt

Recognized by many as the best ergonomic keyboard on the market, Microsoft Sculpt is definitely the right choice if you are looking for the maximum comfort possible during everyday use. The very special design divides the keyboard into two parts, to adapt it to the natural angle of the wrists.

The front part that acts as a support then, helps to maintain the position even for prolonged periods, so as not to feel the fatigue even after hours of use. The curvature of the keys also copies the position of the fingers so as to make the typing even more natural and stress-free. The numeric keypad is detached from the main body, allowing you to choose its position.

Microsoft 4000

Another excellent ergonomic keyboard was made by Microsoft, cheaper than the previous model. This model is made with a single piece but retains some features that make it really comfortable. On the front, for example: there is a palm rest that definitely helps during prolonged use.

The keys are curved, to follow the natural course of the fingers. In this way the difference in height that usually perceived between the central, and the lateral parts will be completely zeroed. The numeric keypad remains embedded in the right part is comfortable while typing.

Perixx PERIBOARD-512

Perixx Periboard-512 Ergonomic Split Keyboard - Natural Ergonomic Design - Black - Bulky Size 19.09'x9.29'x1.73', US English Layout
11,817 Reviews
Perixx Periboard-512 Ergonomic Split Keyboard - Natural Ergonomic Design - Black - Bulky Size 19.09"x9.29"x1.73", US English Layout
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Split-key and 3-D design matches with to your natural arm and...
  • TACTILE KEYSTROKES - Keystrokes are tactile in order to reduce pressure when you...
  • PLUG AND PLAY FEATURE - Just plug your keyboard in your computer and use it It...
  • NEW WAY OF TYPING - The ergonomic split keyboard is different from the...
  • SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS - Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11; Wired USB connection via USB 2 0...

This of Perixx is perhaps the cheapest alternative when it comes to ergonomic keyboards. Despite the lower price of the competition, it still manages to maintain high standards of quality and comfort. The arrangement of the keys in two separate blocks is able to guarantee a fast typing without any effort.

The front part is equipped with a bulky wrist rest, which will allow you to maintain the writing position for a long time without suffering any discomfort. In the upper part are included function keys that can be particularly convenient to manage multimedia content.

Kinesis Freestyle 2

KINESIS Freestyle2 Blue Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard for PC (9" Separation), Dark Gray
  • Split-adjustable design allows the Freestyle2 to adjust to your body (standard...
  • Multichannel bluetooth for pairing with any bluetooth enabled device (e.g.,...
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10, Linux & Android
  • Low force, tactile keyswitches
  • Compatible Accessories: Palm Supports, VIP3 and V3 Lifters for tenting, and...

We cannot say that this ergonomic keyboard is cheap, but it will surely make the happiness of Apple users. It is layout includes special controls for Mac, which is very rare in this category. Once connected via Bluetooth, it will allow you to work uninterruptedly for about 300 hours with just one recharge.

Its design in two completely separate parts will minimize the movements of the wrists and arms, making writing really convenient and fast. As an extra function you will be able to connect to three devices at the same time, choosing which one to use at the push of a button.

Razer Ornata Chroma

If you are a gaming enthusiast or a tech enthusiast, you will surely know the Razer brand. It is a true institution in the world of PC accessories and not only, it is synonymous with quality and seriousness. This model of ergonomic keyboard manages to blend the gaming and comfort environment with extreme simplicity.

The soft palm rest, placed at the front, makes typing comfortable and easy, relieving fatigue and pressure on the forearms. The system used for the keys is hybrid and is called Mecha-Membrane. It has the merit of combining the little pressure necessary to mechanical keyboards, with the typical feeling of mechanical ones. The lighting controls are fully customizable, unless you choose one of the two models with fixed light.

Other interesting models of ergonomic keyboard the ones we have presented so far are those that we consider the best ergonomic keyboards currently in circulation. If the models we have chosen to seem to you few, in this paragraph, we leave you other products that we are sure you will be interested in.

Other interesting models of ergonomic keyboard

Those that we have presented up to now are those that we consider the best ergonomic keyboards currently in circulation. If the models we have chosen seem to you few, in this paragraph, we leave you other products that we are sure you will be interested in.


As you have seen from this guide on the best ergonomic keyboards, this type of product can really make your stay in front of your PC more effective. Thanks to their design, you will no longer have to ” suffer ” the inconveniences caused by traditional keyboards.

Product prices and availability are subject to change. Any price and availablility information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of any products.

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