• Leica X Vario

    Leica X Vario – Review

    The Leica brand is to photography what the Rolls-Royce is to cars: both are synonymous with products of super luxury,…

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  • Ricoh HZ15

    Ricoh HZ15 – Review

    Ricoh HZ15 is a compact digital camera from the camera body lightweight, easy to carry and made with great attention…

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  • Coolpix P7800

    Nikon Coolpix P7800 – Review

    Nikon COOLPIX P7800 is a compact camera-type bridge top of the line dedicated to photography enthusiasts. Equipped with a rugged…

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  • Panasonic HC-X920

    Panasonic HC-X920 Review

    The Panasonic HC-X920 is a high-end compact digital camera that records video in Full HD video, is based on the…

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  • Fujifilm X-A1 – Review

    Fujifilm X-A1 is a mirrorless APS-C sensor with 16 megapixels, advanced manual controls, swivel screen and 5.6 frames per second…

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  • Panasonic Lumix GM1

    Panasonic Lumix GM1: Review

    Panasonic Lumix GM1 is a microscopic mirrorless with great performance: 16 mpx, clean images up to ISO 1,600, 5 fps…

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  • Nikon 1 S1

    Nikon 1 S1 – Review

    The Nikon 1 system is incredibly already gone through three generations in less than a year and a half since…

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  • Sony NEX-6

    Sony NEX-6 – Review

    The Sony NEX-6 is a compact 16.1-megapixel camera with interchangeable lenses and many advanced features, in addition to the app…

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  • Sony KDL-47W802A

    Sony KDL-47W802A LED TV – Review

    The Sony KDL-47W802A is distinguished by a breathtaking design by the manufacturer called Sense of Quartz, as inspired by the surfaces…

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  • Nikon D7000

    Nikon D7000 – Review

    The Nikon D7000 is a digital camera that is exactly half-way between the entry-level SLR and those devoted to photography…

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  • Nikon D5300

    Nikon D5300 – Review

    Nikon D5300 is a 24.2 megapixel digital SLR camera from the reach of all, with 3.2-inch screen and integrated Wi-Fi.…

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  • Sony HDR-PJ 780 VE

    Sony HDR-PJ 780 VE Review

    The Sony HDR-PJ 780VE is a high-quality compact camera that has some very interesting features, such as a built-in projectors…

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  • Fujifilm X-E2

    Fujifilm X-E2 Review

    Fujifilm X-E2 is advanced with a mirrorless APS-C X-Trans, full manual controls, excellent image quality and a great lens in…

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  • Sony RX100M II

    Sony RX100 M II: Review

    Sony DSC-RX100 M II Cyber-shot is a premium compact 20 megapixel camera, with tilting screen and bright lens. The Sony RX100…

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