Samsung HMX-W200: Review

The Samsung HMX-W200 rugged camera is the latest to arrive in the market, and it was planned, designed and constructed to withstand water, shock and dust, allowing its owner to carry out underwater footage or still under off-limits.

The camera is extremely robust and combined with a BSI CMOS sensor of the latest generation TFT display of 2.3 inches and 230,000 pixels of resolution. The camera allows the creation of excellent Full HD video thanks to the F2.2 Bright Lens, also allows you to get underwater video above average thanks to the Aqua Mode.

Samsung HMX-W200: Design

The Samsung HMX-W200 has a simple design and functional designed for outdoor use and especially off-limits being devoted to rugged. The dimensions are contained, as well as the weight but do not remove robustness and manageability. The camera has a thoughtful design to withstand the most extreme conditions of use: water, dust and shock will not be a problem for this rugged device of the latest generation.

Samsung HMX-W200: Features and Functionality

The new Samsung HMX-W200 counts among its main features, as already said, its side rugged that it can be used in the most dangerous conditions and off-limits without taking place to the technical characteristics of the latest generation. This ultra compact camcorder and allows the creation of Full HD video even underwater thanks to the Aqua Mode that lets you shoot seascapes with clarity and brilliant colors.

The device also allows you to create videos and high-quality images in low-light conditions thanks to the BSI 5 MP CMOS sensor and F2.2 bright lens to. This new sporty and robust MultiMediaCam allows you to take clear and brilliant films down to a depth of 3 meters and can withstand sand, dust, shocks and everything that comes to mind. The most interesting aspect of the device is indeed inherent in the ability to perform underwater video of good-quality thanks to features white balance and Sound Focus and specific to the marine environment, allowing us to get more video bright and sharp.

Samsung HMX-W200
Samsung HMX-W200

The lenses of the camera have also been made using a coating anti condensation that disperses the steam, in this way, once out of the water will not be tarnished as the lenses of very cam wrinkles. The device also lets you pause recording and resume it at another time without creating a new file, so you only have one file to work without having to perform a post-processing often boring. The display of the camera is positioned on the back of the camera body and has a size of 2.3 inches with a resolution of 230k pixels that reproduce the pictures and videos so bright and shiny.

Among the most interesting aspects of the camcorder definitely find the presence of a USB port and an HDMI port, very useful. The Samsung HMX-W200 provides the user with a series of artistic effects for both images and video such as Smart Filter offering a wide range of creative effects to intervene on the style and color of videos and photos, as well as the miniature effect allows you to zoom out on the subjects taken or vignette effect that allows you to blur the edges of the photo and the fish-eye effect that allows you to give a funny look and distorted to each image.


The brand new Samsung HMX-W200 is a MultiMediaCam latest generation doomed to wrinkles that is his strong point to the realization of excellent underwater shots and more. The technical features are of good quality and there is a beautiful 5 MP CMOS Sensor type BSI, the top technology currently on the market for sensors of this type. This device is also very fun and functional and will definitely captivate all the techno-fan of Samsung, who love life off-limits.

Where to Buy Samsung HMX-W200

Easy of Use
Value of Money

PROS : Full HD video capture; Resistant to water, shock and dust; 2.3 inch TFT display, 5 MP CMOS sensor BSI; Aqua Mode Mode for underwater video.

CONS : Battery Pack.

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