Battery charger for smartphones and tablets: Buying Guide

The most used accessory of the smartphone is without a doubt the battery charger (or adapter or charger): always connected to the first electrical outlet closest to us, always faithful companion when we are at work, and we need to have the smartphone always charged to receive emails or important calls.

It is no coincidence that it is also among the easiest accessories to break and damage: loaders that do not charge more or load much more slowly. If we are looking for a new battery charger for smartphone or tablet to replace the old and / or damaged or as a spare battery charger we can choose from a variety of models!

In this guide, we will show you the best chargers with a subdivision in several categories: we will show you both of the chargers with a single socket and the chargers with more sockets, with a category also dedicated to car chargers. For each charger, we will show you the maximum amperage and if available support for rapid charge technologies.

Battery charger for smartphones and tablets

Premise: high amperage for fast refills?

The maximum amperage does not have to coincide with the amperage supported by the device; if the amperage of the charger is the identical to the original charger, the recharge will proceed with similar times, if lower, it will proceed to higher times but if the amperage of the charger is higher, it will adapt to the amperage of the device (if we have a 2.4A charger but the phone only supports 2A, the charger will charge at 2A). In fact, any charger is fine. It’s up to us to choose the one that best suits the device we own to get the best charging time.

Note : always choose chargers with the right voltage and adequate to our device (usually 5V).

Wall chargers with a USB socket

Here are listed the best models of wall charger with a single USB socket.

Wall chargers with multiple USB sockets

Here are listed the best models of smartphone charger with multiple USB sockets. Warning: the indicated amperage is for the entire device, so if you connect two or more devices you will have to divide the amperage by the number of devices (if the charger has two USB ports and boasts 4.2A, if we attack only one device, we will have 4.2A but if we connect two, we will have 2.1A each).

USB Wall Charger

These devices offer 3 or more USB sockets with separate amps for each socket, ideal for charging as many devices as possible.

Car Charger

These smartphone chargers can be connected to the car cigarette lighter to get one or more charging outlets while we are on the road.

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