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Sony NWZ-F806 Media Player: Review

The Sony NWZ-F806 is one of the latest Sony MP3 players out on the market and comes with a touch screen 3.5-inch WVGA resolution (800×480 pixels) and Android operating system, features that make this device a multimedia-player at all effects.

To complete the technical features of this player will find the Bluetooth and Wifi, besides the presence of a great digital amplifier, S-Master MX, 32GB internal memory and Clear Audio technology. The Sony NWZ-F805 is a multimedia-player convenient to carry and very functional, thanks to the measures contained and weighs even more content.

Sony NWZ-F806: Design

The Sony NWZ-F806 and an MP3 player with a modern design and technology where space is an excellent TFT touch 3.5-inch white LED backlight and a resolution WVGA (800×480) that can be used both vertically and horizontal, also thanks to the Android operating system.

The sizes of the player are average and amounted to EUR 5.7 x11, 45×0, 89 cm with a weight of about 100 grams; obviously, the jumping more attention in size is definitely very thin, making this play suitable to be transported in any situation, thanks to an internal memory of 32 GB that allows a high storage capacity.

Sony NWZ-F806: Features and Functionality

The new Sony NWZ-F806 is a multimedia-player equipped with the latest generation of cutting-edge audio technologies, among which we will find a fantastic digital amplifier S-Master MX, Clear Stereo, Clear Bass, DSEE system, 5-band equalizer and EX headphones (extremely light) designed to make the musical experience of the highest level of the user thanks to the low, light and sharp.

Clear Audio technology has been developed to avoid that the audio signal is dispersed between the two channels (left and right) to make the audio experience more uniform and balanced. This technology, in combination with the system DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine), helps to make the experience of listening to the songs of compressed high-level technology DSEE improves the standard of the music files going to restore the high frequencies that are eliminated by audio compression.

Sony NWZ-F806 Media Player
Sony NWZ-F806 Media Player

The player is equipped with the Android operating system that allows a multimedia to use extremely large and varied, allowing us to install Apps from Android Market, browse the Internet and share content on our favorite social networks, of course, thanks for the presence of Wifi connectivity.

To complete the wireless connectivity of the player will find the Bluetooth technology that allows us to use it in conjunction with a compatible stereo or your car. The Android operating system is a faithful companion in the processor of the player, the now-famous NVIDIA Tegra 2, a dual-core processor who allows to use multimedia pushed without the performance of the players are put into crisis.

The reader is also equipped with a gyro sensor (G-sensor) which not only renders the gaming experience much more immersive and realistic, allows you to play music through the angle of the player, this features, in combination with the SensMe feature, helps to make the player highly customizable, allowing the end user to divide their music into thematic channels to suit your mood and your day. The reader, in addition to reading the most popular HD video formats, reads even the most popular audio formats, including MP3, WAV, AAC and FLAC.

The Sony NWZ-F806 is also equipped with a convenient button (the W.Button) which allows you to switch from the currently open to purely musical functions of the player itself, all without having to make special and complicated steps, really great feature. Rounding out the features of the device, already very complete, we will find the GPS that allows you to view your location in the screen and interact with applications based on geo-location, of course, when we are connected to WiFi.


The Sony NWZ-F806 is a beautiful mp3 player with the latest generation of the features that make it in effect, a multi-media-player with Android OS, Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS. Thanks to the presence of the G-Sensor interface and SensMe, the player is highly customizable and controllable only through the movement in the hand.

The optimal allocation of a musical device which finds its highest expression in the amplifier S-Master MX digital integrated in the headphones lightweight but powerful bass and DSEE technology, which allows the user not to regret the uncompressed audio formats. Good battery life of approximately 20 hours while playing music the charging time is slightly higher (about 4 hours for a full charge).

Value of Money

PROS : Android operating system; Technology Clear Audio; touch display, 3.5 inches Battery life (approximately 20 hours), WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, S-Master MX Digital Amplifier.

CONS : Earphones.

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