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Sony NWZ-E473 MP3 Player: Review

The Sony NWZ-E473 is one of the last of Sony WALKMAN out on the market and comes with a 4GB memory, an LCD TFT 2 inches (about 5.1 cm) with a resolution QVGA 320×240 pixel display with white LED backlight, Digital Noise Cancelling, Clear Audio (Stereo, Bass), DSEE and EX headphones for maximum audio quality even from compressed files.

The device has an extremely thin design and modern and is sold in the support case with integrated coordinated with the MP3 player (black or blue). The Sony NWZ-E473 allows a continuous listening of 36 hours with a full charge time to 3 hours. To complete the budget sheet for this reader will find the voice recording and FM tuner with 30 presets.

Sony NWZ-E473: Design

The Sony NWZ-E473 is a series WALKMAN MP3 player with a rather classic and modern design (available in white and black) in which space is a display for 3 2 inches with QVGA resolution of 320×240 pixels and LED backlight. The sizes of the player are extremely low (4.33 x9,72×0.74 cm) allowing unlimited use in the most varied and thanks to an extremely light weight and equal to 51 grams. In the front of the device is a navigation dial comfortable and functional with button play / pause positioned in the center thereof.

Sony NWZ-E473: Features and Functionality

The new Sony NWZ-E473 is a multimedia-player equipped with the latest generation of cutting-edge audio technologies, among which we will find the technology Clear Stereo, Clear Bass, DSEE system, 5-band EQ and EX headphones (extremely light) designed to make the musical experience of the highest level of the user thanks to the low, light and sharp.

Clear Audio technology has been developed to avoid that the audio signal is dispersed between the two channels (left and right) to make the audio experience more uniform and balanced. This technology, in combination with the system DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine), helps to make the experience of listening to the songs of compressed high-level technology DSEE improves the standard of the music files going to restore the high frequencies that are eliminated by audio compression.

Sony NWZ-E473 MP3 Player
Sony NWZ-E473 MP3 Player

In addition to the audio, technologies already mentioned the device is also equipped with technology Dynamic Normaliser that allows you to balance the differences in volume between songs. The SensMe feature, helps to make the player highly customizable, allowing the end user to divide their music into thematic channels to suit your mood and your day. The reader, in addition to reading the most popular video formats (AVC H.264, AVC, WMV9, MPEH4), also reads the most popular audio formats, including MP3, WAV, AAC and FLAC.

The Sony NWZ-E473 also has excellent noise cancellation technology that eliminates 98% of background noise, allowing the end user to enjoy their favorite music even when you are in a noisy place and crowded. Also great voice recording and FM tuner with 30 presets that fully complete the technical equipment of the device. The supplied battery pack (probably lithium, although not specified in the technical specifications) has excellent durability and allows for listening to audio tracks for 36 consecutive hours.


The Sony NWZ-E473 is a good MP3 player unpretentious and has a simple design and elegant but at the same time trendy, thanks to a thickness and an extremely low weight. The reader is able to fully meet the needs of any user device you are looking for a simple, practical, and it’s not too media. This is because the device is not equipped with advanced operating system or WiFi or Bluetooth’s connectivity. As already said, there remains a good device, although at a slightly high price.

Where to Buy Sony NWZ-E473

Value of Money

PROS : Support with built-in stereo speaker; DSEE Technology; Display with LED backlight, 5-band equalizer, Resolution QVGA, FM tuner with 30 presets; Battery life (approximately 36 hours continuous playback).

CONS : Internal memory, Display size, Display traditional.

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