Samsung SMX-F50BN: Review

The brand-new Samsung SMX-F50BN is the first camera to use a CMOS sensor SD elevating the quality of the recording to a new high standard. This camera supports progressive recording at 50p for a more dynamic and fluid playback of movies and can record video at a resolution of 1280×720 at 25p offering a resolution which represents an improvement of twice the SD 720×576. In addition, with Intelli-Zoom lens with 6x to (52x optical zoom), you can capture the detail you never thought possible.

Samsung SMX-F50BN: Design

The Samsung SMX-F50BN is one of the most famous and Samsung camcorders is disponbiile in two colors, black and white. On the side of the device is a 2.7-inch screen with a resolution of tilting 230,000 pixels that returns excellent color rendering of images. The camera is perfect for use in any occasion especially thanks to its small size (5.39 x5, 64×11, 9 cm), which make transport very easy. Overall the design of this camera is very classic but also modern.

Samsung SMX-F50BN: Features and Functionality

The Samsung SMX-F50BN is one of the first SD camcorders to use a CMOS sensor, which guarantee the realization of shooting with crisp colors and rich hues, going to compensate for chromatic aberration that can occur in the realization of shooting with camera’s sensor CCD.

The camera also supports 50p progressive recording suitable for good reproduction of any movie dynamic and fluid, even those recorded with a resolution of 1280×720 25p, providing a resolution of two and half times better than that of the SD cameras to 720x756p, during shooting will also take photographs at a resolution of 1.9 MP without having to stop the movie itself.

The CMOS sensor of the camera in practice can distinguish the color gamut RGB (red, green and blue) to reproduce rich, natural colors. Another aspect of the high quality of the camera is the lens with 65x Intelli-Zoom from (52x optical zoom), which allows you to capture details even further without losing sharpness or clarity.

Samsung SMX-F50BN
Samsung SMX-F50BN

Registration to 1,280 x 720p HD enables the camera to capture most of the situations in a unique way, even with the ability to “pause” the recording, for example, when shooting for a long period of time. After pausing recording, you can take it without the slightest difficulty, and above all without creating a new file, the camera continues to implement the movie using the file that had been started.

This is especially useful in making post-processing or editing the movie. Thanks to the Smart Auto feature of the Samsung SMX-F50BN you will not have to worry about the lighting conditions as it will be the same camera to choose, which is the best shooting mode for our video from those pre-installed. In addition to the features, Smart Auto will also find the recording mode Time-Lapse Recording that allows you to capture a predetermined time interval of still images, which are then sequenced to create a video that speeds up the slow passage of time: ideal way to catching a sunset.

As I said before movie in motion is not a problem for these device thanks for the presence of a stabilizer built-limiting and corrects juddering movements in the hand of the end user. The Samsung SMX-F50BN camcorder is thoroughly modern and avant-garde, thanks for the presence of pre-installed software for PC (Intelli-Studio) that allows us to play, edit and share files on any PC without having to install any kind of the program.

Once the camera is connected with a computer via the USB port, the program will automatically Intelli-Studio. One thing that definitely preferred this camera is the ability to recharge via USB, allowing an even charge it through a computer.


The Samsung SMX-F50BN is a good camera that provides the end user all the features and tools to the success of their videos. The device is dedicated for a public not too demanding and definitely not professional, but it provides an excellent starting point for those who want to explore the world of digital cameras without spending an astronomical amount. Really good product suitable for all budgets, especially in white color.

Where to Buy Samsung SMX-F50BN

Easy of Use
Value of Money

PROS : 2.7-inch LCD, 52x optical zoom, CMOS sensor; Intelli-Zoom.

CONS : Price.

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