Samsung HMX-Q10: Review

The Samsung HMX-Q10 is a Samsung Full HD Memory Cam camera with a 5 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor that has a particular structure backlight allowing the sensor to be more sensitive to light by almost double compared to conventional CMOS sensors.

It is an extremely versatile camera that can be used in virtually anyway thanks to the accelerometer incorporated, which allows to rotate up to 180 degrees. The Samsung HMX-Q10 is simple to use because it can be managed via a single button, located at the rear thereof. The camera is also equipped with a 2.7-inch screen SmartTouch and HDMI port.

Samsung HMX-Q10: Design

The Samsung HMX-Q10 is a compact camcorder and easy to handle, very intuitive to use and very light. It has a 2.7-inch touch screen LCD display with a resolution of 230,000 pixels. The dimensions are 43.7 mm wide, 53.3 mm in height and 119 mm deep. The weight is about 186 grams without battery.

Samsung HMX-Q10: Features and Functionality

The Samsung HMX-Q10 is a digital camcorder submitted by the producer during may this year and destined to a sure success, thanks to its technical characteristics, very interesting, and its functions, such as the ability to be used by left-hand.

But the latter will be discussed later, for the moment, we will discuss the technical specifications of this interesting camera. First of all, an image sensor types BSI CMOS 1/5, 8 inches and with an effective resolution of 5 megapixels, thanks to which you can get photos and videos of high quality. The sensor is of the highest quality and thanks to its backlighting, can provide good pictures in low-light situations.

Samsung HMX-Q10
Samsung HMX-Q10

Continuing with the other data, the Samsung HMX-Q10 has a Schneider Kreuznach lens Varioplan HD which has a focal length of 0275 to 2.75 mm fixed focal length and an aperture of 1.8, with a 10x optical zoom and a 20x digital zoom, allowing you to capture people in the far distance.

All these numbers lead to an actual result, namely the high quality of pictures and videos. The former can achieve a maximum resolution of 2,944 x 1,656 pixels, video clips are full HD, so their maximum resolution is 1920×1080 pixels in H.264 format. The camera has no internal memory, but the photos and videos are stored directly on memory cards external Secure Digital or SDHC card.

When the time comes to talk about the features offered by the Samsung HMX-Q10 is a must start by the subject of the opening of this review. As already mentioned, this camera can be used easily even by left-hand because, thanks to the accelerometer that is provided, you can rotate the camera, and also the screen 180 degrees and shoot the way you want.

The content of the display is turned upside down, and of course, you can use all the functions as you normally do. One can safely say that it is a true innovation in the field of digital cameras, which will certainly please all lefties, so far, had to adapt to a device created for them.

As for the other features, the Samsung HMX-Q10 is also equipped with a dual image stabilizer, optical and digital, which compensates for camera shake ensuring stability and uniformity in the shooting and crisp, clear images. The touch screen display provides an exceptional comfort and user-friendliness in terms of access to menus and functions.

Who wants to leave it all to the camera can use the Smart Auto, which automatically selects one of the preloaded settings to get the best in every situation? For those want to have more control over the video, manual control allows you to adjust the white balance, exposure, focus, the backlight and hue.

Other convenient features offered by the Samsung HMX-Q10 include the ability to load it directly from your computer, once connected to the transfer of photos and videos, one large back button for easy use of the camera and launch the opening of the display.

Finally, the camera is also equipped with HDMI input for connection to TV. As for the purchase package, it includes the AC charger, AV cable, USB cable, rechargeable battery, wrist strap and CD-ROM with the software. The included lithium battery provides up to 100 minutes of recording.


The Samsung HMX-Q10 is a compact and lightweight digital camera which is characterized by a beautiful touch screen display with throttle, so you can flip the machine and use it on the other side, perfect function for left-handlers.

Other specifications of interest include Full HD movies, HDMI port, dual image stabilizer, manual controls and optical quality and especially the very nice design. We would have liked to see in package purchase also an SD memory expansion and see the possibility to manage the camera directly with a single button on the front. Good product .

Where to Buy Samsung HMX-Q10

Easy of Use
Value of Money

PROS : Start the opening of the camera display; Dual image stabilizer, HD Lenses Schneider Krueznach; BSI CMOS sensor; easier for left-handed use; Single button; touch display.

CONS : Price, Camera key only on display.

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