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Pentax Optio VS20: Review

The Pentax Optio VS20 is the latest super compact with 20x optical zoom Pentax with double shutter button with side zoom control to facilitate shooting in portrait mode. In an extremely compact and versatile camera, bodies are enclosed advanced technical features, including a CCD sensor 1/2, 33 ” to 16 MP in combination with a 5-100 mm lens equivalent to 28-560 mm in 35 mm format with openings F / 3.1 to 4.8.

On the back of the camera, there is a 3-inch TFT LCD screen with a resolution of approximately 460K points. Among the key features, we will find the brand new night snapshot mode freehand able to capture good images with minimal blur and noise even in low-light conditions.

Pentax Optio VS20: Design

The Pentax Optio VS20 is the new compact ultrazoom of Pentax with a modern design and compact, characterized by a second shutter button positioned so d acquiesce an easy realization of photographs also with the body machine in vertical, one comforts which they not we succeed more to give up. The size as I said are compact and equal to 6.15 x11, 2×3, 85 cm and a weight not too compact 234 grams in full. On the part back of the body machine we find an excellent display LCD TFT 3-inch with a resolution of 460K points coated with the treatment Anti-Glare that keeps the screen constantly clear and crisp in every condition bright.

Pentax Optio VS20: Features and Functionality

The Pentax Optio VS20 boasts as its main feature a super optical zoom 20xad performance that goes covers focal lengths from 28mm wide angle to super-telephoto 560mm (equivalent in 25mm format) optical zoom you add a digital zoom of approximately and 7.2 x Smart Zoom (30x to about 7M, at about 144×640 px, including optical zoom). The main Features of this camera and I believe I could never give up is the second shutter button with side zoom control that goes to greatly facilitate the shooting carried out in a vertical position.

The camera is equipped with a triple vibration protection, so you can get sharp images and free from blurring. The first anti-vibration system is the SR (Shake Reduction) in CCD shift that allows you to produce sharp images and blur-free results even in the most lively and the second is the Digital SR mode, where the camera automatically increases in practice sensitivity up to ISO 6,400 to match the brightness of the subject.

This feature allows you to use fast shutter speeds to minimize the risk of vibration. The third and final mode is the Movie SR, anti-vibration system used during movie recording, which compensates in the most effective camera shake, ensuring an excellent result in the creation of video clips.

Pentax Optio VS20
Pentax Optio VS20

On the back of the camera body is a beautiful 3-inch TFT LCD display with a resolution of 460k-dot coated with the treatment AG (Anti-Glare) that keeps the screen crisp and clear while minimizing reflections and preventing the formation of stains even under the most demanding use.

Among the various customization settings, the Auto Picture mode is certainly the most famous and used, in practice automatically selects the most appropriate shooting mode for a given subject or scene by automatic evaluation of the photographic conditions on the entire boundary of the field image.

In this new Pentax camera were refined technologies of automatic face recognition function and the face recognition AF & AE offers a new face recall function by giving priority to a face pre-registered in order to optimize the focus and exposure.

Among other features automatic Smile, Caputure find a way that allows you to trigger the shutter automatically the photograph at the precise moment when the camera detects the subject’s smile, and Blinking Detection function that warn the photographer or less of the closing of the eyes to when shooting.

The Pentax Optio VS20 also allows you to record movies in HD quality 1,280 x 720 pixels, all at the touch of the record button on the back of the independent camera body. The user can also choose whether to use the three digital filters Fish-Eye Lens, miniature and sketch.


The Pentax Optio VS20 is a great compact camera which has its main feature in the spectacular 20x optical zoom that allows us to capture all subjects, even those further afield. Convenient second shutter button for the execution of vertical photos that will allow us to take good photos in extreme freedom of movement.

Rounding out the excellent performance and potential of the device think the beautiful 3-inch TFT LCD display with a high resolution of 460k dot whose only flaw is found in the traditional technology of the same, perhaps it would have been a preferable in touch version, although it is a feature extremely subjective.

Easy of Use
Value of Money

PROS : Super 20x optical zoom; According to shutter button, display resolution, built-in image stabilizer, Night Snapshot freehand; Auto Picture mode.

CONS : Traditional Display.

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