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Canon EOS 100D: Review

Bigger is better Americans say. That bigger is better. But in this photograph, slogan may have more or less sense depending on which characteristic is taken into consideration. If you talk about, then it is obvious Megapixel race to see who offers the highest resolution. Same goes for the focal who would not be happy to boast with friends to have in your kit tele pushed maybe a nice bright.

Lately, many photographers, both enthusiasts and professionals, are making it clear to the market that you are tired of carrying around heavy and bulky equipment. The success of mirrorless it is the most obvious: sacrifice the mirror reflex viewfinder and you can save space and weight. But this sacrifice is really needed? Looking at the new Canon EOS 100D (Canon Rebel SL1 is called in US markets) seems genuinely not: the size is really small, but without giving up the reflex mirror and then to the viewfinder.

Canon EOS 100D: Design

The Canon EOS 100D, especially in combination with the Canon EF 40mm 1:2.8 pancake STM, fits easily into a small bag. Selective side of the Fujifilm X100 compact with APS-C and fixed optic 23mm, is known as the Canon is narrower but deeper: It still has roughly the same volume. The total weight, including cap and shoulder strap, it stops at around 570 grams, a true record of the balance to the reflex.

In spite of everything, you hold well and the controls are accessible without any special tricks even from those with large hands like mine. It must be said then that the Canon has not skimped on buttons and dials, which are present in good numbers despite the touch screen can be used to quickly and easily perform all settings.

Canon EOS 100D
Canon EOS 100D

In this regard, I appreciated the presence of a proximity sensor just above the viewfinder that turns off the monitor and then turns off the touch functions, avoiding problems and wasting batteries whenever the camera closer to the face, or you leave it leaning against the body.

Another finesse the presence of the key to activate the preview of depth of field, located just below the key for unlocking the lens: it is a really rare command on low-end SLR. Too bad you cannot customize this key by assigning other functions. Another sin the memory card placed in the battery compartment, which is located close to the attack of the easel. It cannot then replace the memory card and battery when the camera is on the tripod.

Canon EOS 100D: Features and Functionality

Shoot with the Canon EOS 100D is not so different from shooting with his older sister Canon EOS 650D. Autofocus, exposure, white balance, everything works as it should. The live view combined with the touch screen allow you to experiment with new ways of recovery, perhaps by using a finger to activate auto-focus and snap anywhere in the live image.

The only problem I had about the Auto ISO, configurable only on the range of feelings. You cannot choose a safety time faster, maybe when you are facing the shots at a close distance from the subject: so happens that with the 40mm equivalent of a 64mm, combined with a time of 1/60s at ISO 100 you are with the shake-while would be enough to rise to 200 ISO to get a shot perfectly clear at a time of 1/125s.

The Canon EOS 100D features the already well established APS-C sensor 18 Mega pixels, which made its first appearance in the market back in 2009 with the Canon EOS 7D. Obviously, the electronics in the past four years has made great strides, so it is not surprising to see in the shots of a test cleaning and a wealth of detail up to ISO 1600.

Above the chromatic, noise is well controlled, but the fine detail is a loss of course. In the comparison between JPG and RAW wins the latter, but the differences are visible only with 100% crops. So no problem to use and even print the JPG as they come from the camera.


You want a lightweight camera but do not want to give up the classic reflex sight? Then the Canon EOS 100D is for you. Keep in mind that there will be no special request’s waivers: a digital SLR is complete in every aspect. Just remember that the compactness depends not only on the body but also by the optics: the Canon EOS 100D then becomes a toy walking only with the 40mm pancake. With all the other optics, the dimensions back to those classics.

Where to Buy Canon EOS 100D

Canon EOS Rebel SL1 18.0 MP CMOS Digital SLR with 18-55mm EF-S is STM Lens Black
  • Compact and lightweight DSLR featuring a newly-developed 18.0 Megapixel CMOS...
  • 9-point AF system (including a high-precision dual-cross f/2.8 center point) for...
  • High speed continuous shooting up to 4.0 fps allows you to capture all the...
  • EOS Full HD Movie mode with Movie Servo AF for continuous focus tracking of...
  • Touch Screen Wide 3.0-inch Clear View LCD monitor II (approximately 1,040,000...

PROS : Excellent ergonomics thanks to details like the proximity sensor that turns off the screen when not in use, Image Quality.

CONS : Impossible to replace the memory card and battery, Auto ISO with a minimum amount of time the shutter cannot be configured, Cannot customize the functions of the controls.

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