TomTom Start 25 Review

The TomTom Start 25 is a browser attractive design, ideal for those who want a quality device but the price reduced, without sacrificing functionality. It features a 5-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 480×272 pixels, an internal memory of 4 GB, which are preloaded on the maps of 45 European countries, and features such as advanced lane guidance, the notice on the location of fixed speed cameras and furniture, Eco Routes IQ Routes technology, voice playback of street names and the parking assist, which guides the user towards the nearest parking.

TomTom Start 25: Design

The TomTom Start 25 is a browser very modern simple design and classic at the same time. The 5-inch touch screen with a diagonal of 11 cm allows optimum use when navigating traffic. Rounding out the essential character of the TomTom Start 25 thinks Easy Click magnetic mounts that allows for engagement and a trip extremely comfortable and above all fast, all in 213 grams of technology at a price not very modest. A navigator is small, lightweight and comfortable.

TomTom Start 25: Features and Functionality

The TomTom Start 25 is a street navigator extremely bright and efficient. It integrates several functions and features of the most recent and effective in circulation among which we find the services offered by IQ Routes technology. The body of the TomTom Start 25 Europe looks pretty solid and compact and weighs about 213 grams and has the generous dimensions (134x93x19 mm).

It’s 16:9 touchscreen display is comfortable: a diagonal of 13 cm allows the display of maps in an appropriate manner, all thanks to the screen resolution to 480×272 pixels but, unfortunately, it is resistive and not capacitive, retail weighing and not just on the user-experience. The internal memory of the navigator is 4 GB which unfortunately cannot be expanded due to lack of memory expansion slots.

The TomTom Start 25 has been designed for maximum ease of use, and the device allows the use of voice commands to perform many functions, such as entering addresses and route planning. Thanks to the indicator Advanced Lane is easy to see which lane to take in the fittings to avoid unpleasant mistakes. In the most difficult highway intersections, a realistic 3D representation ensures peace and security. The TomTom Start 25 is, like most TomTom devices, with Plug & Go, ie it is only necessary to plug in and tap the touch screen and you can use it immediately.

TomTom Start 25
TomTom Start 25

Once you have purchased the new TomTom we will have a ” latest map guarantee ” : if a new map will be available for the device within 90 days of first use, you can download it for free via the finger of the manufacturer. Like most of the surfers of the last generation, the TomTom Start 25 integrates technology Eco Routes, which allows the calculation and route planning with less environmental impact and therefore, will allow you to save fuel and reduce costs.

TomTom uses actual speed data collected from millions of users to calculate the fastest routes at any time, all this thanks to the IQ Routes technology. Among other, features include the use of technology QuickGPSfix that accelerates the time it takes to fix your GPS position and helps motorists to leave more quickly and efficiently.

The camera alerts to allow you to detect the presence of fixed and mobile speed cameras pre-installed on the device. For a help motorists in case of need we think the tried and tested menu Help! for emergencies: the browser contains within it all the information about local emergency services at your fingertips, from hospitals to roadside assistance.

Thanks to the Map Share technology you can correct the map directly on your device. In retail, packaging find everything you need to survive and be the navigator used, namely the magnificent Easy Click magnetic support of the latest generation and the car charger with USB cable that can be used to interface with PC or MAC.


The TomTom Start 25 is a good navigation system with good features and functionality. Designed for those who need to map exclusively Italian and for those who have big claims in terms of multimedia and user-experience: the latter is slightly sacrificed due to the resistive touch screen, not capacitive, and not a little something that weighs on the overall evaluation. The TomTom Start 25 is still a good product but could also be sold at a price a little lower.

Where to Buy TomTom Start 25

Easy to Use
Value of Money

PROS : Maps, speed camera display, Display size, Voice playback of street names, Parking Assist, Lane Guidance, IQ Routes, Eco Routes.

CONS : No traffic info.

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