Garmin Nuvi 3590LMT: Review

The Garmin Nuvi 3590LMT is the latest Garmin at home and is also the most high-tech, sleek and stylish. At just 1.3 inches thick this navigator incorporates the best features of techniques such as the Garmin City Navigator NT road maps for 45 European countries and a database of over 3 million POIs, including hotels, restaurants and petrol stations.

Also thanks to the use of 3D technology, the user will have terrain realistic idea of ​​how the surrounding environment, not just appearance, especially when dealing with the uncharted territory. This navigator, among many other features available to it, also uses voice activation technology that allows the driver to control the navigation device with your own voice, without looking at the fantastic display glass multitouch 5-inch high resolution.

Garmin Nuvi 3590LMT: Design

One of the more interesting it is for sure the design of the Garmin Nuvi 3590LMT is the thickness of only 13 mm and the extreme attention to detail that Garmin has put into this latest generation browser. This extremely small thickness allows a transportation absolutely comfortable and not bulky appearance that will appeal to all users.

Even the display of the Garmin Nuvi 3590LMT is beautiful thanks to a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, capacitive screen 5-inch multitouch glass and the active matrix that allows a good view from any angle. Furthermore, this fantastic display is able to automatically orientate the image on the screen (horizontal or vertical) depending on the position of the device.

Garmin Nuvi 3590LMT: Features and Functionality

The Garmin Nuvi 3590LMT is a concentrate of technology in all respects. We can start talking about the exceptional 3D graphics technology Terrain (my favorite) which allows you to view your surroundings in an extremely realistic and effective: we will have a 3D representation of all that surrounds us, starting from the mountains to get to the lakes.

Thanks to this new graph, the motorist will be able to see and feel in advance climbs, descents, turns, and this representation is therefore, an excellent tool for the assessment of possible difficulties awaiting the motorist in the stretches of the road that will be front.

We can continue talking about the advanced navigation features offered by technology Gudance 3.0 that allows you to quickly search for addresses and services or to reach the desired destination with turn by turn with pronunciation of street names.

The navigator also has the City Navigator NT street maps of preloaded 45 European countries, which include approximately one million POIs and view of the surrounding land, buildings and monuments in 3D.

Garmin Nuvi 3590LMT
Garmin Nuvi 3590LMT

The navigator also allows you to plan ahead including our paths crossing points between. Navigation is made more accurate by the navigator using the function Junction View and Lane Guide: in practice, the photo-realistic images and the new view BirdsEye assist the user to a correct approach to junctions allowing them to navigate with confidence.

In addition, by displaying the real-time speed limits and speed traps are just some of the many tools of Garmin. Another aspect not to be underestimated is definitely the sales package: the package includes the new Garmin is included as standard with the TMC receiver ” Premium ” that allows direct access to info-traffic in major European countries, all without subscriptions payment or maturity of any kind.

To help in the fight against trafficking, Garmin also provides the user with the trafficTrends feature that allows the navigator to calculate the shortest path based on past data traffic. As already mentioned in the description of the design, one of the best features of the navigator, is definitely the beautiful capacitive multitouch display glass 5-inch dual orientation (horizontal and vertical) with white backlight, one of the best surfers to display in the market.


The Garmin Nuvi 3590LMT is a concentrate of technology that can be used in both automotive and pedestrian thanks to technology and the size of the same. The user-experience of the end user will be excellent, Garmin has focused on the user, building a user-based browser that will not leave unhappy even the most demanding users. The only downside is definitely the high price. After careful analysis of the performance and features, it may be in line with other devices of the same segment.

Where to Buy Garmin Nuvi 3590LMT

Easy of Use
Value of Money

PROS : 3D Technology Terrain, Speech Recognition, thickness and design, multi-touch capacitive screen; Technology Guidance 3.0; Technology Photoreal and BirdsEye; Can be used horizontally or vertically.

CONS : Price.

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