Garmin Zumo 660LM: Review

The new Garmin Zumo 660LM is one of the latest Garmin navigators designed for on-hard motorcycle. The navigation system is equipped with a large and bright TFT touch 4.3 ” WQVGA resolution (480×272 pixels) to be white backlight and thanks to the resistive technology used, can also be used with gloves.

Navigator also includes hands-free function Bluetooth for use with a compatible mobile phone while driving as well as being also an MP3 player, and equipped with the most modern navigation technologies. Rounding out the winning character of the Garmin Zumo 660LM will find powerful tools for planning travel itineraries also through the aid of a computer and then relive the emotions directly through Google Earth.

Garmin Zumo 660LM: Design

The Garmin Zumo 660LM has a classic design and robust thanks to what can be called a feature rugged but which, in reality is a feature designed by motorcyclists for motorcyclists (as stated Garmin): the browser it is resistant to UV and fuel splash. The navigator has a 4.3-inch display with a resistive WQVGA resolution with white backlight and is also equipped with a removable lithium-ion battery (not just look). In addition to the aforementioned waterproof (IPX7), the browser comes with support for motion but also by car so that it can also be used in a car.

Garmin Zumo 660LM: Features and Functionality

The Garmin Zumo 660LM is a browser designed for motorcyclists and compact with built-in Bluetooth. The navigator has a TFT touch screen WQVGA 4.3-inch color screen with anti-reflection white backlight with a resolution of 480×272 pixels that will display the correct path to follow through the simple and intuitive interface visible in all weather conditions and regardless of the light environmental.

The navigator provides all the information necessary for the rider to travel safely and securely directly on the display which is absolutely perfect. The body of the navigator is extremely robust and has a case waterproof (IPX7) resistant to fuel spray and exposure to ultraviolet rays.

The navigator is sold with maps European preloaded million Putni of interest, plus the ability to enter 1000 waypoints. The device also offers a visualization of 3D buildings and a line indicator that shows the details of the highway and of surrounding environment, to provide maximum comfort and control for the rider.

Garmin Zumo 660LM
Garmin Zumo 660LM

The already mentioned this in the navigator Bluetooth connectivity, as well as allowing the use of it as a gateway between your smart phone and helmet, you can use the same Garmin Zumo 660LM as multifunction entertainment system, thanks for the presence of an integrated MP3 player and Bluetooth technology Advanced A2DP.

The Garmin Zumo 660LM naturally has the preloaded City Navigator NT street maps of 45 European countries available to the motorcyclist will find over 6 million POIs such as hotels, restaurants, petrol stations, etc.. The navigator also includes the nüMaps Lifetime subscription that allows you to receive up to four map updates yearly for the life of the device, thereby taking the navigator fully updated and completely useful to the rider.

The navigator has a microSD card for easy sharing of content (thanks to Garmin Connect) and an easy upload of maps also different from those pre-loaded and stored in solid-state memory of your navigation device.

The device is also compatible with the traffic information but only if you purchased the FM receiver who unfortunately is sold separately. One of the main features of the navigator is the battery life of about 5 hours, in addition to the presence in the sales package of the additional brackets that will allow the use of the Garmin Zumo 660LM also on a car, helping to make this device complete and user-friendly although at a rather high price. One of the few downsides is the possibility of receiving traffic information via an FM receiver who is unfortunately sold separately, a real shame.


The Garmin Zumo 660LM is a great motorcycle navigator who can also be used for the car through the mount bracket included within the sales package. Excellent resistance of the outer structure that is designed for rugged use and to withstand both weather and fuel splash (IPX7) and to allow the end user a perfect visibility even under direct UV rays.

Unfortunately, one of the few downsides is the possibility of receiving traffic information via the FM receiver who must be purchased separately. This browser is different from some of its competitors due to the presence of the built-in MP3 player who through the advanced Bluetooth A2DP technology can be used as a true multimedia center.

Easy of Use
Value of Money

PROS : MicroSD card; Optional support for auto parts, battery life, fuel resistant and UV-light, 4.3-inch touch display, Bluetooth (with A2DP) Battery Removable, Water resistant (IPX7).

CONS : Weight.

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