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Samsung WB250F: Review

Samsung WB250F is a compact camera that offers a powerful 18x zoom, Wi-Fi and a touch screen in an incredibly low price. The Samsung WB250F is one of the first cameras to convince Samsung in full. The Korean manufacturer has long been active in this area, but so far it seemed had not yet found the right way to emerge.

First, the design is finally become a distinctive, very clean, no-frills, with an interesting mix of modern and retro, curved lines and sharp edges. This Samsung WB250F resembles the line of mirrorless NX by Samsung, which looks like a scaled-down proposal for size and functionality.

Samsung has incorporated high-level features – integrated Wi-Fi, touch screen, 18x zoom, manual controls – in a compact package, the build quality more than adequate and the price really tempting.

Samsung WB250F: Performance

The distinctive features of the Samsung WB250F are the 14.2 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor and 18x zoom lens with focal length 24-432 mm. The range is really extended for the price range it belongs to the small but handsome Samsung camera, making it suitable for taking in almost all situations, thanks to the good brightness: the maximum aperture is f: 3.2 wide angle and switch to an appreciable value of f 5.8 when it is fully extended.

Of course, it was necessary to make some compromises: the maximum ISO sensitivity of 3200, even if the noise appears much earlier, the exposure time is longer than 1.16 seconds respectively when shooting in Program and Manual, the longer focal lengths, the sharpness at the edges of the image decreases drastically; exposure compensation is two stops, with intervals of 1/3 EV, in both directions. This does not mean that the Samsung WB250F allows to vent their creativity, thanks to the ability to shoot in manual mode or aperture priority and taking advantage of the time.

Samsung WB250F-image3

This occurs thanks to the ring inserted on the upper-right side, an unexpected solution. The main competitors in this price range or neglect PASM shooting modes or fully implement the software. Samsung’s approach is mixed: the ASM modes (both priority and manual) are accessible from a single switch position, so we still need to choose the one you want from a menu screen. Those who want to rely completely on the camera and think only of point and shoot, can rely on the many scenes available in the menu dedicated Smart has always been one of the strengths of Samsung.

Samsung WB850F-image

Fortunately, the Samsung WB250F is easy and intuitive to use, not only thanks to the good work done on-screen menus, but also to mixed control with physical buttons – with access to all the basic functions – and the touch screen. The latter has a diagonal of 3 ” and a resolution of 460,000 dots and is based on TFT technology.

It is balanced by color fidelity, sharpness and brightness, as well as showing good sensitivity and precision to the touch. Last but not least, the integrated Wi-Fi, easily accessible from the menu software, allows you to instantly share files, back them up on your computer, or simply control the camera from the app downloaded to a smartphone or tablet Samsung Android / iOS.

Samsung WB250F: Image Quality

The quality of the shots is amazing, albeit with a few lights and shadows. The Samsung WB250F shooting in JPEG format only, and could not be otherwise in this price range. The processing engine inside gives a good operational reactivity with natural images with faithful colors and soft shades. The auto focus system works very well, especially in good lighting conditions and with very short focal. Going with the zoom, not what is lacking in precision in reactivity.

The sharpness is high in the center of the frame, with a natural degradation towards the edges. Even in this case, rising with the zoom, the quality decreases progressively, with results as soon as discrete in the vicinity of the maximum extension. It is an obvious limitation of pairing a zoom so extended to a sensor so small. Macro mode is well implemented, with a minimum focusing distance of 5 cm, which offers close-up shots, in focus and with a satisfactory depth of field, light and optics thanks to the equivalent focal length of 24 millimeters.

Samsung WB250F-image2

Unfortunately, in low light, the Samsung WB250F is in crisis, with the noise that begins to disturb at ISO 400, preventing a rise above if you want to keep a scene perfectly legible. The small built-in flash comes in handy but only and exclusively for indoor shots or outdoor portraits. The WB250F also runs video in Full HD 1080p at 30 fps, with a maximum recording time of 20 minutes per clip.

The results are noticeable, with the colors always faithful, good sharpness overall, but especially sound, clean and clear. You can use the optical zoom during filming, even if the internal engine noise disturbs greatly, while the fire is surprisingly responsive and accurate for a camera in this category and price range.


Samsung WB250F has hit the target with this small but handsome : it offers very good performance and user experience at a very affordable price fulfilling, even and especially in view of the specific manual controls, 18x zoom from 24 to 432 mm equivalent screen Touch, Wi-Fi connectivity, video recording Full HD 30p. The quality of the shots is mixed, with the detail that fades by degrees through the focal largest and the higher ISO, with the background noise that appears inexorable.

In any case, in conditions of good brightness and then with ISO sensitivity contained, the results are more than good, with scenes faithfully reproduced thanks to the natural colors and soft shades. Who is looking for good build quality from a compact, modern and simple style, easy to use thanks to the right mix of complete physical controls and touch screen, this Samsung WB250F is in a very interesting proposal at a price hard to beat.

Where to Buy Samsung WB250F

Samsung WB250F Smart Wi-Fi Digital Camera (Cobalt Black)
255 Reviews
Samsung WB250F Smart Wi-Fi Digital Camera (Cobalt Black)
  • Capture Detailed Images in Low Light situations with a 14PM BSI CMOS Sensor
  • Share your Best Photos Instantly with Family and Friends with Built-in Wi-Fi
  • 18x Optical Zoom
  • 3.0 TFT LCD Screen
  • Samsung color designation is "Cobalt Black". Black refers to the color of the...

PROS : 18x zoom, Touch screen, Affordable price, Integrated Wi-Fi, High quality video capture.

CONS : Lack of sharpness at long focal lengths and at high ISO.

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