Samsung UN46D6400 HDTV: Review

The Samsung UN46D6400 looks like a TV spectacular design, thanks to its remarkably thin profile and decoration in plexiglass. This is a Smart LED TV with high quality and equipped with the most advanced features such as voice commands and navigating the Web, thanks to which you can watch programs on demand, download applications and share content on social networks.

The TV is so smart he can learn the taste of the spectacular and suggest programs to see. The other specifications include support 3D via active shutter glasses included, USB port, Wi-Fi, the function of recording programs and DVB-T2.

Samsung UN46D6400 HDTV: Design

The Samsung UN46D6400 is an elegant LED 3D Smart TV features a stunning design with ultra-thin frame and a sophisticated decoration in plexiglass. As for  size, the TV measuring 1059 mm wide, 617.7 mm in height and 49.6 mm in thickness without base and 1059.8 mm wide, 704.6 mm in height and 306.9 mm thick, including the base. The weight, finally, is of 11.80 kg net of the base and of 13.50 kg understanding it.

Samsung UN46D6400 HDTV: Features and Functionality

The Samsung UN46D6400 is a high-quality  TV, one of the last among those marketed by the manufacturer. It belongs to the family of Smart TVs, which includes so-called smart TVs, which are equipped with advanced technologies, such as the ability to connect to the Internet, and special applications that allow, for example, to stream multimedia files or to access social network.

But speaking, for the moment,   the technical specifications, in the analysis is primarily a 3D LED TV equipped with a screen 46-inch Full HD, so with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. It uses the optimization engine to the 3D HyperReal engine and has a maximum refresh rate of 200 Hz.

Returning to speech functionality, the Samsung UN46D6400 is equipped with a television of the interesting ability to learn the tastes of the viewer, analyzing the visa programs and actions that he did, and to anticipate his demands. For example, thanks to S-Reccomandation, suggests programs that the user might find of interest.

Samsung UN46D6400
Samsung UN46D6400 HDTV

Another very important feature and, above all, innovative, is represented by voice commands that allow you to access the menu of the TV and the various functions just by using your voice. In addition, all content on the TV are gathered in one place, the Smart Hub, divided into 5 screens, from where you can access all of them.

Among the many activities, you can do with the Samsung UN46D6400 certainly stands out access to the Web, and consequently, stream all your media files, access to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, or watching movies and video on demand.

For sport fans there is the “Sport” mode, which allows you to watch the football games in spectacular fashion because it optimizes the image so that it is completely the dynamics of the event. In addition, with Instant Replay, you can review the most attractive stocks whenever you want.

The Samsung UN46D6400 park also boasts a very complete connectivity. The user can wirelessly share content on your TV with other devices, such as smartphones or tablet, thanks to the Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi. Through the USB, port is impossible  to connect a USB stick and play it on your television. It should not be forgotten, finally, that it is a 3D TV, which then allows the viewing of programs dimensional thanks to 2 active glasses included in the package.

Staying on topic ports and interfaces, apart from the already mentioned USB, there are also 4 HDMI inputs, the CI slot, headphone output, composite inputs, component, RF and optical digital audio output. Do not miss the Ethernet port and one for the scart socket. It remains to mention the digital DVB-T2 / C DTV  system with MHP and the Eco sensor. The TV consumes finally switched to 75 W and less than 0.1 W in standby mode.


The Samsung UN46D6400 Smart TV  is certainly one very interesting, as are, moreover, all the models in this family. Their peculiarity is offer the user a 360 degree experience that goes beyond the features offered by a simple TV. The ability to access the Web surf stream, enter the social network and watch programs of all kinds is definitely a Plus.


PROS : 3D LED TV, Ethernet port, CI slot, active 3D glasses included; Accessing the web via browser, Smart Hub, Full HD screen, integrated Wi-Fi, sensor echo; Registration programs; Voice commands.

CONS : Price.

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