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Pentax 645D: Review

For many (almost all) the Pentax 645D is and will remain a dream. It’s high cost makes only within the reach of a professional high-end, which will in its specific quality and everything you need to get the most. This Pentax medium format is able to generate additional revenue through its sensor for 40 mega pixel photographs in high definition not only in the studio. It is not bulky and fielding high maneuverability, which allows comfortable use even outdoors. In practice, the perfect camera for landscape photographers.

The sensor of the Pentax 645D, manufactured by Kodak, has a size of 44 × 33 mm and is, compared to a 35 mm, 1.7 times larger. The camera provides high durability and reliability thanks to a lightweight body but solid. The structure is made of magnesium alloy and steel, has protections for LCD panels in glass reinforced seals and dust-proof and weather.

The Pentax 645D incorporates the PRIME II image processor (Pentax Real Image Engine). The high speed in data processing and achieved thanks to new algorithms and generates color images faithful quickly, especially if you consider that an image in RAW format can weigh up to 50 MB.

To achieve this performance, the 645 uses a D / D converter 14-bit operating with extreme precision, which is exactly what they are looking professionals. Another factor not to be overlooked, for those who frequently visit locations meteorologically extreme, is that it can work even at temperatures of -10°. The shutter speed can get, instead to 1/4,000 of a second.

Pentax 645D:  Functions

The Pentax 645D provides the photographer two slots for SD memory cards and SDHC memory cards. This solution, redundant for anyone who is not a professional, you can save the same photo in two different formats (RAW and JPEG) on the two memory cards. Alternatively, one can be used to make a safety backup of the other. Furthermore, this type of adjustments can be performed quickly grace in the presence, on the machine body of a button specifically dedicated.

Pentax 645D-image3

The LCD on the Pentax 645D has dimensions of 3 inches and a resolution of 921,000 dots. The wide-view design allows for a wide viewing angle of 170 ° horizontally and vertically. Also noteworthy is the lithium-ion battery that can provide a range of 800 shots. Missing the Live View. Regarding the measurement, the Pentax 645D uses a system of measurement alt top to 77 segments and with high precision.

The camera, to achieve perfection, takes into account, thanks to its sensors, including the real distance and magnification of the subject. The viewfinder of the Pentax 645D has a trapezoidal prism glass can ensure a coverage of 98% of the field. It is very bright and quick to use, once again a top of the class.

Pentax 645D-image4

They would be so many things to be said about this fantastic camera, but we only remember his Custom Image function that allows you to precisely control the finish of the photo. The photographer can choose from eight modes, including the new Reversal Film that creates images with the typical colors of outdated film. In addition, parameters such as hue, saturation, contrast, sharpness, and more can be easily adjusted allowing you to always have the desired images.

Pentax 645D: Conclusions

We could define the Pentax 645D (almost) perfect here and close this section. The quality in the image that can produce leaves open mouth for precision and sharpness. The colors are realistic, but they can also be adjusted as a favorite to have exactly the picture you are looking for. But what surprises most (at the bottom of 40 megapixel photographers good is almost obvious) is its high maneuverability.

It’s like having a camera intended for outdoor use in the studio. The small size and ease of use would permit the use, if it were not for the cost, even at a photographer with a minimum of experience. We are confident that the Pentax 645D will delight even the professional photographer’s landscapers that can make the most of its portability and flexibility.

As for the flaws, but the word is definitely excessive, lacks Live View, but the viewfinder is bright and well defined. The consecutive shooting 1.1 frames per second is certainly not very fast, but the Pentax 645D is not intended to certainly aim to interest sports photographers.

Finally, what could be the main limitation is not a high choice of optics to full availability? Although, of course, it will come out soon the other, it is good that the professional is established that the objectives are for sale he needs. Regarding the high price is in line with the performance of the Pentax 645D.

Where to Buy Pentax 645D

Pentax 645D 40MP Medium Format Digital SLR Camera with 3-Inch LCD Screen (Body Only)
  • 40 megapixel CCD sensor provides a top resolution of 7264x5440
  • Fully weather sealed and coldproof design resists rain, snow, dust and other...
  • 14 Bit RAW files in Pentax PEF and Adobe DNG formats
  • Dual slot SD/SDHC memory card support
  • Responsive 11 point SAFOX IX+ autofocus system features a light wavelength...
Value of Money

PROS : Image quality, ergonomics, 40 megapixel sensor.

CONS : Price, Few optics available, Does not have the Live View.

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