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Fujifilm XQ2: High quality compact

Fujifilm XQ2 is a premium compact zoom lens with a 25-100 mm, maximum aperture of f/1.8 and innovative X-Trans sensor 2/3″.

Fujifilm XQ2 is the new Fujifilm in the premium compact sector, a category that is experiencing a rather positive, thanks to the arrival of very interesting products and appreciated by the public. The Japanese manufacturer offers not only his X-Trans sensor technology, but also a rather complete technical equipment and a performance sector that will be able to be of interest to beginners as the most advanced photographers.

Fujifilm XQ2 – Specifications

The Fujifilm XQ2 equips an X-Trans sensor of 12 megapixels in 4: 3 ratio, and with a diagonal of 2/3 inch. It is a considerably larger sensor than those used in most of the pocket cameras (although not as wide as the one mounted by other super-premium compact, such as the Sony RX100). The X-Trans technology is known for its high performance in terms of image quality, and also in this model does not disappoint.

Noteworthy, the sensor also integrates the pixels dedicated to the detection autofocus phase: a feature usually the preserve of the most advanced mirrorless models and capable of producing very interesting results in terms of speed and accuracy, as will soon be clear.

Fujifilm XQ2

The goal, optically stabilized, offers 25 mm focal length range to 100mm, with a maximum aperture respectively of f/1.8 and f/4.9. The wide angle is quite wide and very bright, while the telephoto lens is slightly closed and less stringent than found in many superzoom (now also more and more compact), but valid.

The screen is a 3-inch LCD 920,000 pixels, well-defined and bright, but not articulated and lacking touch functionality: a lack of that interface that fans could hear. As for other features, the Fujifilm XQ2 integrates antenna Wi-Fi (for a smart device connection via the proprietary app), offers a remarkable burst of 12fps with continuous autofocus, a tune minimum of 3 cm in fire macro mode and the ability to record video up to 1080p with 60fps.

Fujifilm XQ2 – Boby and Functions

The build quality is certainly one of the advantages of Fujifilm XQ2. The camera body is compact enough for the category (100 x 58 x 33 mm, and weighs about 200g). The design is elegant and the materials used are of high quality and convey a good impression to the touch. The feeling is that of a higher-level camera with a compact entry-level innumerable crowding the market.

Even the layout of the controls is very interesting: the back façade ring clickable control and four buttons; on top there is the selector of the usual mode (plus a small pop-up flash) and the front offers a ring additional dial, placed around the lens barrel, which gives the Fujifilm XQ2 a configuration of two rings very valuable and in-depth for such a compact machine.

Fujifilm XQ2 - Top

In addition, the Fujifilm software allows you to customize a large part of that present on the back keys: pressing the small button ” E-Fn ” is access to a second level of functionality for all buttons, allowing you to control almost all functions of machine without having to delve into the more complex standard menu.

The overall experience of use is very good for a camera of this size and can give satisfaction, at the same time, both the newcomer photographer that to the more passionate and demanding.

Fujifilm XQ2 – Performance

The services offered by Fujifilm xQ2 are remarkable. The autofocus is very fast and accurate in most shooting conditions, even when using the burst continuous AF. Keeping the subject in the center of the scene, you can usually achieve a good tracking of subjects even in relatively fast motion: a very good result.

In the rest of the operations Fujifilm XQ2 is snappy: ignition timing, writing and reading of data are always satisfactory. Really, it bursts remarkable, reaching a top speed of 12 frames per second. After taking about 5-6 consecutive images the speed undergoes a net decrease (depending on the speed of the SD card used), but rarely the target of use of this camera will need to shoot bursts longer.

Also good lens performance. The maximum of 25 mm wide-angle you notice a bit distortion at the edges, but nothing serious, while the sharpness is good at all focal lengths, and chromatic aberrations seem well contained.

Fuji film XQ2 – Quality photos and video

The image quality expressed by Fujifilm XQ2 is great for the category and the price range. The X-Trans sensor 2/3″ does very well in all key aspects, from the color reproduction capabilities to the digital noise management, which is pleasantly down to relatively high values ​​(about 1000 ISO). The engine Jpeg Fujifilm is undoubtedly one of the best on the market and always returns images with a good white point, pleasing and balanced.

Fujifilm XQ2

If you look at 100% resolution, the pictures always show a certain presence of fine-grained, but does not degrade the details and, on the whole, do not disturb, accounting for over a sensor characteristic that is not a defect. Also the extension of the dynamic range, although they cannot rival that of a longest diagonal sensors, is overall good for a compact.

That said, it should be stressed that a resolution of 12 Megapixels is not particularly high by today’s standards. Furthermore, the particular sensor of the aspect ratio (4: 3) means that those who want to adopt more classic proportions, such as the one in 3: 2, will have to dispense with further portions of resolution. The number of pixels is still sufficient for most applications, including prints up to medium magnifications (20 × 30 cm).

On the video front, unfortunately, it is not as good. The Fujifilm XQ2 records video up to Full HD 1080 p60 format, but the moving images are very hard and full of artifacts: a feature so far always found in cameras with X-Trans sensor.


The Fujifilm XQ2 is a very attractive compact camera: it combines the pleasure and strength of design in a relatively thorough inspection system, excellent speed of operation and high picture quality for the category. The Fujifilm XQ2 is far more ambitious than an entry-level Compat, but at the same time much cheaper than super-premium cameras like the Sony RX100 MK III (which costs about twice ). Who, then, search the image quality and good performance, but does not want to spend a fortune, you could find here the happy medium.

The Fujifilm XQ2 should certainly be taken into consideration: it is one of the most balanced and performing high-quality compact on the market.

Value of Money

PROS : Great shots, Quick performance,Robust and well designed with depth control system, Bright wide-angle 25mm f/1.8

CONS : Low video quality, Non-articulated screen and non-touch.

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