Best 3D Printer

3D printing promises to be the first effect of the so-called ” do-it-yourself market ” revolution: a (beneficial) concrete and visible effect for the future where each of us realizes small and medium everyday objects using only the time of customize and run a .cad file or something even more basic through apps from smartphones or tablets.

Despite the boom in objects and related 3D printers, the final price, the cost of materials and the difficulty in finding printers in large retailers still relegate 3D printers to a niche sector. A market accessible only to architects, designers and those who have the passion to spend the necessary numbers to assemble a 3D printer at home. Maybe this will be the year of definitive consecration also on the consumer market?

In any case, here’s a guide to buying for the best 3D printers, oriented more to the consumer or semi-professional side; I will only choose the models that have convinced me more about functionality, price, size and speed of 3D printing.

What can you do with a 3D printer? Almost everything you want: from GoPro frames to smartphone covers, as long as you do not mind it being made of plastic. If you know how to use CAD software, prototyping everything becomes possible even at home with a 3D printer.

But even if you are not familiar with design, you can find many ready-to-use drawings that you can download online (like these). Anyone can use a 3D printer: most of them are easy enough to use even for a child (under the supervision of an adult).

3D Printers: Which to buy?

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