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In this constantly updated buying guide, we will help you choose the best scientific calculator that suits your needs. Will analyze all the characteristics and aspects to be considered when buying a product of this kind.

Is your university career starting, and have you decided to enroll in Engineering, Physics, or another scientific faculty? Then it’s good to retire your old calculator and buy a new model with interesting and useful features that will surely help you.

How to choose a scientific calculator

Traditional calculators are valuable tools and are an integral part of a student’s life. However, you may have to perform more complicated calculations or study the graph of a function on the fly. And this is precisely where scientific models come into play.

Choosing a new scientific calculator isn’t as simple as it might seem. There are some features and some fundamental aspects to consider when buying. Only after a careful evaluation of the various features can you choose the perfect model for your needs.

Functions and Capabilities

Calculators differ from each other, mainly in size and built-in functionality. For this reason, it is good that you know immediately which operations you are going to perform most frequently.

Scientific calculators are capable of solving equations, derivatives, integrals, statistical calculations, and much more. However, some differ in the possibility of managing tables and graphics as well. Furthermore, it is good to opt for a model that allows you to easily switch between the various notations.

Some models allow you to connect to your computer to be able to pass python files or scripts. Of course, these are complex products that require some awareness and knowledge on the user’s part.


The size of the display also distinguishes scientific calculators. The display is a fundamental factor in choosing a product of this type. A good display quality simplifies and improves its use.

The display’s size is related to the complexity of the functions that the calculator can perform. For example, a high-end product can boast a high-resolution display that allows you to reproduce and animate various function graphics.


Obviously, the features of each calculator vary by price. For example, a budget model can perform 100-150 functions, while the high-end models, in addition to having a better and larger display, can perform over 500 different functions.


Each model has different memory sizes. Some are capable of storing even several GB of data. If you are an engineering, math, or physics student, we recommend purchasing a large storage space model.

The best scientific calculators chose by us


This Texas Instrument jewel is a real miniature computer. The CX II-T CAS is equipped with a color display to draw and animate function graphs. The exact arithmetic function keeps the simplified functions’ mathematical structure, and the mathematical constants are recognized and symbolically simplified. In addition, the deSolve wizard allows you to minimize syntax errors in differential equations.

Also, it features support for the Python programming language. If you buy it from Amazon, you will get a free protective case and 5 years warranty.


CASIO PRIZM FX-CG50 Color Graphing Calculator
Color graphing Calculator with High resolution LCD display (over 65, 000 colors); Natural textbook display
$129.99 −41% $76.44

It is undoubtedly one of the best scientific calculators currently available on the market. The display has 65,000 colors and allows you to take advantage of the Picture Plot functionality. In addition, of course, it allows you to solve equations, systems, differential equations, integrals, and much more.

This calculator also allows you to create 3D pie, bar, 3D charts with 7 different colors. Although it is a professional calculator, it is still admitted to the final exams.

NumWorks graphing calculator

NumWorks Graphing Calculator
Grows with students from middle school to college.; Intuitive and easy to use.; Rechargable battery (20+ hours of continuous use per charge).

Are you looking for a graphical, minimal, and affordable calculator? Then this NumWorks model is the product for you. A graphing calculator allows you to draw function graphs thanks to the high-resolution display (320 x 240 pixels). Its simplicity of use is its strong point.

You will be able to solve differential equations, integrals, and statistical calculations with great ease. Finally, it comes with Python support and has an extensive library of math, cmath, matplotlib.pyplot, turtle, and random.

Casio FX-991EX

This model can work with real numbers, complex numbers, vectors, and 4 × 4 matrices. It can perform integrals, derivatives, polynomial equations, and even linear systems of maximum size 4 × 4. Also, it comes with a built-in spreadsheet for up to 170 data. Thanks to the QR code reader, you can safely continue the calculations on your computer.

Finally, it is equipped with a dual solar and battery power supply.

Casio Fx-570Es Plus 2 Scientific Calculator

Casio Fx-570Es Plus 2 Scientific Calculator with 417 Functions, Black
Suitable for secondary school and university; Admitted to maturity exams; Natural display to insert and display numerical expressions as they appear on textbooks

It is a cheap calculator, but it does its job very well. This CASIO template allows you to enter and view fractions and square roots just as they appear in your textbook. In addition, it can solve integrals and matrices with a maximum size of 4 × 4. It also allows you to convert polar coordinates into rectangular coordinates and vice versa.

The best-selling scientific calculators of the moment

Before concluding, we advise you to consult the following list of the 10 best-selling scientific calculators of the moment on Amazon. The list is kept constantly updated by the store itself.

Product prices and availability are subject to change. Any price and availablility information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of any products.

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