Review – Noontec Hammo S: Good performance with a design eye

When we are talking about headphones, our minds are very often oriented towards the most prominent and in-demand brands of the time. These tend to be more and more an accessory that can give added value to the look of the wearer.

Just for this purpose, a great product that can hit both the aesthetic and the sleep performance of the Noontec Hammo S, headphones manufactured by the Australian company with an eye to both design and specifications.

Noontec Hammo S – Package

The sales package comes in white color and sees the shape of the product on the main facade and its specifications on the back.

Inside there is a further container, made of plastic colored plastic materials. Within this last pack, we have our headphones, instruction booklet and 2 flat color cables with 3.5 mm audio jack output, one as a simple cable while the other, slimmer, also features a small a button’s included module and a microphone for the audio in call.

Design and Ergonomics

Made of plastic material, the Noontec headphones have a good design quality and excellent elasticity in the halls. The latter, then, have all standard sizes, covering our ears entirely.

Noontec Hammo SWorn by a soft pad, the latter cling comfortably to our head thanks also to the removable support but, due to the small size, after a good half-hour of personal use a slight annoyance as, not covering the whole ear, go to rest on the latter.

  • Dimensions: 195 x 185 x 74 mm.
  • Weight: 240 g.
  • Cable length: 1.2 M.

Adjustable headband allows the headphones to fit even on a tire like mine with different adjustment levels and an aluminum skeleton that gives it a good ruggedness. In the lower part of the right headphone, then we find the input for the 3.5 mm audio jack all in well placed.

Finally, a notable feature is the high portability, which can be achieved by folding the headphones neatly and placing them in the practical case.

Specifications and Performance

The Noontec Hammo S have interesting specifications in a rather compact body.

  • Driver: HD500 Votrik 50 mm.
  • Frequency response: 5 ~ 30,000 Hz.
  • Sensitivity: 105dB.
  • Impedance: 32Ω.
  • Maximum Power: 100 mW.

Overall, the quality of the sound is definitely excellent with every type of sound thanks to the SCCB technology, which guarantees clear and clean audio. In particular, in the presence of high tones, the drivers respond optimally even and above all to the maximum volume, without a slight hint of distortion or distortion.

As for the bass then, though not particularly profound, I found them well-balanced and balanced, which I personally prefer compared to low-invasive products.

Noontec Hammo SSpecifically, I carry out the usage scenarios where I have tested the product:

  • On PC : Very good overall quality with a common sound card.
  • On Smartphone : Clean and accurate audio both in multimedia playback and in call mode.


Surely the Noontec Hammo S are going to be placed in the mid-high range of the market. The price of $79 is all right, considering that at the same price, the valid choices are really few and are carried by pure personal taste.

Where to Buy Noontec Hammo S Headphone


The aesthetic component is certainly the element that can hit you from now on, seeing the simple and modern look, but also the specifications and the overall performance, once you thoroughly try it, will certainly not be less.

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