Mio Moov M413: Review

The Mio Moov M413 is one of the new satellite navigator’s Mio Technology with good technical characteristics and performance. The simplicity of the menu QuickStart allows to use the browser in an extremely simple and functional. Among the functions of the navigator will find the IQ Routes technology, the function LearnMe Pro, the assistant function and the function Text to Speech.

Excellent Quickspell keyboard that makes typing more quickly by reducing input errors. Mio Moov M410 is equipped with a 4.3-inch touch LCD display with a resolution of 480×272 pixels and an internal memory of 4GB.

Mio Moov M413: Design

The new Mio Moov M413 is one of the new navigator’s Mio with color touch screen 4.3 inches (about 10.9 cm) and a resolution of 480×272 pixels. The design is a minimalist and functional browser that surely will appeal to tech-addicted, but guests are well reflected in the purest traditionalists; these peculiarities in design help to return a certain solidity and robustness worth mentioning.

On the back of the speaker is positioned on the right side while we will find the Mini USB port for charging and connecting to a computer. The dimensions (12.57 x 7.75 x 1.48 cm) are in line with the navigators of this segment as well as the weight that is light (136.7 grams) and perhaps less than the weight of device competitors.

Mio Moov M413: Features and Functionality

The new Mio Moov M413 offers many features revealing a navigator complete and reliable. Among various features, and are now thoroughly tested the function LearMe Pro (upgraded from previous releases) that monitors and learns to recognize our lifestyle by providing personalized itineraries to the end user at the highest level.

The navigation system also integrates a new approach to lanes and junctions and thanks to the Spirit software, shows the junctions with realistic 3D views. Excellent Text to Speech function that reads out road names and junctions along the route, making it easier to guide motorists. Course could not miss the feature IQ Routes which greatly optimizes the driving route, in practice our itinerary is planned assuming information collected by a ” infinite ” number of drivers, allowing us to avoid possible traffic jams and accidents.

Very comfortable new keyboard Quickspell showing suggestions to insert words that allow us to choose between alternatives, dramatically decreasing the number of errors in inputting names.

Mio Moov M413
Mio Moov M413

A new and interesting feature of the navigator’s Mio is the possibility of renting maps: maps is now possible to hire foreign choosing, whether to hire them at reasonable prices for 3, 7 or 30 days at a price of course variables. It would seem that my have understood the importance of precision and accuracy of their maps, and it is for this reason that the company allows you to take advantage of the 30-day guarantee on the latest maps to ensure the presence of the latest data.

The navigator also contains the preloaded data relating to the physical safety cameras (free subscription for 3 months, after which it will be to pay) in this way if the speed is too high, or we will be in close proximity to one of these stations. The navigation system will beep Visual and audible in order to allow the driver to promptly reduce the speed of travel.

This new navigation feature of the new GPS module SiRF Star III with Instant Fix II (20 channels GPS) that allows the attachment of the satellites by the navigator in a same time extremely faster than previous GPS modules, in this way the driver will be available on the route in the shortest time possible.

Very interesting and comfortable even the new search function for keywords that will greatly ease the destination entry on the navigation display: in practice, not just the name of the street, POI or destination begins to be typed on the navigator the predictive keyboard begins to search the database inside of the browser showing a list of possibilities from which you can make a choice fast and focused.

To complete the budget of the new Mio Moov M413 will find a large LCD display 4.3-inch touch screen with a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels, the Mini USB port for charging and connecting to a computer, the internal memory of 4 GB ( unfortunately cannot be expanded due to the lack of expansion slots) and a CSR A5 processor 400Mhz.


The new Mio Moov M413 is a good navigation system comes with many features of the latest generation but totally devoid of the multimedia side. Very interesting feature’s IQ Routes, the lifetime map updated, the large 4.3-inch display, maps for hire and the new functionality LearnMe Pro Keyboard Quickspell in combination with the new simple search mode will greatly ease the ‘input places and POI by the driver.

Besides the lack of integrated TMC receiver who would give an edge to the device, unfortunately, the browser finds some deficiency on the aesthetic side which is not the most modern but, nevertheless, it is solid and sturdy.

Easy of Use
Value of Money

PROS : Update maps for life; price; LearnMe Pro, Text to Speech, IQ Routes, Display 4.3, SiRF III GPS module integrated.

CONS : No Live traffic information; Absence integrated TMC.

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