Mini Keyboard: The Best to Buy

Looking for a mini keyboard that allows for easy transport or reduces the clutter in a cramped study or work location? As part of the review of articles dedicated to the world of keyboards, we decided to dedicate one of them to small peripherals.

On the other hand, space is never enough, yet it is often necessary to adapt one’s needs in the best possible way. A principle that applies if you are renovating (or creating from scratch) your work, study, or play station.

In the same way, using the keyboard with which a particular feeling has been established overtime on the move turns out to be really an added value, especially if you change your workstation frequently.

Mini Keyboard: Why it’s worth buying one

Working on the move, having a peripheral that can also be used in a lying position, maintaining the perfect balance between typing comfort, ergonomics, and tactile feeling, are just some of the key aspects to consider when you need to buy a small keyboard.

This is how we found it useful to combine the series of articles dedicated to the essential elements in a self-respecting tech corner with a piece focused on mini keyboards.

Of course, choosing the best device ever is not easy given the fierce competition between the various manufacturers. To overcome the physiological doubts due to the high density of mini keyboards on the market, it is first necessary to define one’s needs and tastes.

What features to consider when purchasing a mini keyboard

Having acknowledged that the best way to choose a mini keyboard is to consider all your needs, there are some key features to evaluate.

We summarize them below, while for a broader discussion, we refer to the index guide dedicated to the best keyboards (and to the in-depth study focused on the best mechanical keyboards to buy.

Mini Keyboard: The best to buy

In light of the key features to consider to buy a mini keyboard wisely, let’s move on to the most interesting paragraphs dedicated to buying advice.

Our Proposals

Best Wireless mini keyboard: Rii Mini i8+

Our first choice within the category “best mini wireless keyboard” is represented by Rii Mini i8+ Wireless, a backlit mini keyboard equipped with a multi-touch touchpad mouse and ideal for mini PC, Home Theater Personal Computer, TV Box, smart TV, console, and PC (Windows, Mac, Linux).

Available in various colors (black, white, blue, red, and green), the Rii Mini i8 mini keyboard is a lithium polymer battery that can recharge in 3 hours with the supplied USB cable (and LED battery level).

Best compact USB Keyboard: Perixx PERIBOARD-409U

Perixx PERIBOARD-409U Wired USB Mini Keyboard, Black, US English Layout
PIANO BLACK MINI KEYBOARD - Measurements: 12. 40" x 5. 79" x 0. 79" (31. 4 x 14. 6 x 2 cm)

Slightly larger than the most popular mini keyboards, this Perixx PERIBOARD-409 H stands out for its compact (12. 40″ x 5. 79″ x 0. 79″) and linear monobloc design, USB interface with 5. 9 ft long USB cable, and 2 USB hubs integrated for connection with other peripherals. Other features at a glance:

Best Mini Gaming Keyboard: Docooler HXSJ J100

Perfect for all gaming enthusiasts who want to take advantage of a good quality-price ratio without giving up functionality worthy of a top-of-the-range keyboard, Docooler HXSJ J100 inserts 35 clicky blue switches (not exactly the Cherry MX but give a very similar tactile feedback, to learn more, refer to the guide dedicated to the best mechanical keyboards) in a super-compact structure (25 x 18 x 4 cm) and perfect for professional players who need a secondary keyboard.

The RGB backlighting has 5 freely programmable setups (software included), and the ergonomic mini design ensures comfortable use even during prolonged gaming sessions.

Product prices and availability are subject to change. Any price and availablility information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of any products.

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