Garmin Nuvi 50: Review

The Garmin Nuvi 50 is a navigation system car extremely simple and functional available at an affordable price. The device is equipped with a 5-inch touchscreen display that provides precise directions pronouncing the names of roads and junctions due to the presence of a built-in voice synthesizer.

The navigator is also suitable for pedestrian navigation thanks to its small size and extremely light weight. One of the most interesting features of this browser is definitely the presence of a microSD memory.

Garmin Nuvi 50: Design

The Garmin Nuvi 50 is a navigation system extremely simple and functional design that lends itself perfectly to the vehicle navigation. The dimensions of the navigator are extremely contained and allow transport without problems, thanks to the light weight enough (about 177 grams). Nice, though not outstanding, the 5-inch TFT WQVGA for which it is unfortunately not indicated if it is resistive or capacitive, information that personally I would have liked to know.

Garmin Nuvi 50: Features and Functionality

The Garmin Nuvi 50 is a navigation system car very simple but at the same time functional and efficient. The navigation system is equipped with an intuitive interface and simple with two simple options: ” Where To? ” and ” View Map “. In this way, you just tap the screen to easily look up addresses and services are available for obtain-turn voice directions until it reaches its destination.

The navigation system includes maps of the country or region of your choice, and the indicator of the speed limit of the navigator shows the speed limit for most major roads. Great and functional localization tool emergency ” Where are they? ” that allows you to constantly know your location and quick access to emergency services nearby, the navigator is also transgressed with millions of POI also offering the ability to add new ones.

Garmin Nuvi 50
Garmin Nuvi 50

The Garmin Nuvi 50 also has a sort of line indicator that allows us to understand without any problems or hesitations, which are the lane to the highway, so as to greatly facilitate navigation in unknown exits and junctions, displaying a realistic along the way junction with traffic signs and arrows that indicate the proper lane for navigation.

The navigation is very simple and does not have all the functionality characteristics of the top models such as the functions or eco-route traffic, but is still able to do that for which it was designed, namely to lead the end-user at their destination.

The features are few but still very good and also allow the drivers will be able to learn to use the device in a very short time and with the least possible effort. In addition, this navigator, despite being a very entry-level model, it is equipped with a display 16:9 and not 4:3 as the majority of entry-level models of the houses competitors of Garmin. Another aspect certainly very interesting is the possibility of inserting a microSD card.


The Garmin Nuvi 50 is definitely not a top model of Garmin and do not want to be. The device is an entry-level model that is perfectly that for which p was thought of, and that is to make the navigation as simple as possible leading to the driver’s destination with minimal effort and maximum results, which it does very well. The device is not cheap but is a flaw in the limited duration of the battery, which remains almost equal to the lives of the top models.

Where to Buy Garmin Nuvi 50

Easy of Use
Value of Money

PROS : MicroSD card; Dimensions; Price.

CONS : Battery Pack, Battery life.

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