BlackBerry Q5: Review

BlackBerry Q5 is a smartphone with BlackBerry OS BB10, a mid-range device with many lights and some shade. 

The BlackBerry Q5 is the third terminal equipped with BB10 operating system to enter the market after the founder Z10 and the following Q10. It is the first smartphone in a mid-range of the new generation, as well as the top of the range Q10, is based on the popular design with QWERTY keyboard coupled with a full touch screen from 3.1″ with unusual shape ” square “. Obviously, to contain the final price, the hardware sector is less accurate, based on a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual core 1.2 GHz and with ” only ” 8 GB of internal memory, expandable via microSD cards for fortune up to 32 GB.

Rather surprisingly, positively, find the support of NFC technology and 4G/LTE networks in a mid-range phone. The intent of the BlackBerry, the BlackBerry Q5 is the replacement of the appreciated BlackBerry Curve, hoping that traces the splendor.

BlackBerry Q5: Design

At the first taken in hand the BlackBerry Q5 thoughts turn immediately to the BlackBerry Curve, even if the impression is not so positive. Indeed, the design appears exceeded, both for the thickness of about 11 mm for both the weight do not own content of 120 grams.

The grip is comfortable in your hand, but not too much: the terminal appears unbalanced, with the weight shifted mainly on the bottom. Additionally, the chassis plastic does not help to make him feel neither solid nor safe. From a smartphone middle class, we would have expected greater care in the choice of materials and finishes.

BlackBerry Q5-image2

Another aspect that has left us perplexed is the non-replaceable battery, with an attached back cover is not removable. So is the slot for the SIM card is the one for the microSD memory card can be accessed from the left side of the smartphone, always covered by a plastic panel.

Fortunately, the layout of control buttons and the quality of the QWERTY keyboard did not disappoint. The keys are well spaced, with a size that makes it easy to write quickly, accurately, but above all comfortable. Overall, while not taking in hand so safe and comfortable, the BlackBerry Q5 recovers and keyboard controls are easy to reach when you hold it with one hand.

As anticipated, the screen of the BlackBerry Q5 has a characteristic shape factor of 1:1, with a diagonal of 3.1″ and a resolution of 720 × 720 pixels. Due to the high density of pixels per inch, equal to 329 ppi, the images appear sharp and nicely detailed. Too bad that the brightness is below average, penalizing the reading of content under strong direct light such as in direct sunlight, while the colors do not disappoint for its richness and liveliness. The particular form factor of the screen does not indicate problems in messaging – SMS, email, etc.. – While the limits begin to be felt in Web browsing, with a rendering unfortunately not optimized while, at launch, is still lacking the full support of applications BB10.

BlackBerry Q5: Features

Unfortunately, the rear camera is not up to a modern mid-range smartphone, not so much for the 5-mega pixel resolution as the slowness and lack of precision of focus. To get decent shots must be in good lighting conditions at least, with the LED flash that is useful when the natural or artificial light is insufficient.

Obviously in this case, the screen form factor 1:1 perplexing, with the shooting mode that automatically replicates it. What does this mean? When we look at the picture on the screen of a computer remain puzzled by the square shape. We can always take the more traditional 4:3 or 16:9, penalized on the phone display to the resulting black bands above and below.

Definitely better the front camera of 2 maga pixel, equipped with image stabilizer and capable of shooting 720p HD video, almost perfect in quality and resolution video calls using the exclusive service BBM Video.

BlackBerry Q5-imag3

The BlackBerry Q5 is also and above all a phone, with support for the latest 4G/LTE technology. The signal is strong and stable. The audio in calls is crisp and clear, with a high volume and a good ability to filter out background noise. Particularly interesting is the BBM service voice that actually enables audio conversations with screen sharing, using the data connection, with an amazing quality from every point of view.

Connectivity has lived up to expectations: Bluetooth 4.0 LE, Wi-Fi class n, GPS antenna, NFC. Even for the autonomy of the BlackBerry Q5 does not disappoint although it is not replaceable, the 2,180 mAh battery is well managed by the operating system which is confirmed BB10 lightweight and non starved of resources, allowing you to use the terminal with peace of mind for an entire day working.


While a not disappointing overall, the BlackBerry Q5 is a smartphone that is perplexing. To design and hardware sector appears to be too expensive, and therefore, not very competitive compared to other phones of the same price, higher performance and more capable. The real leverage to the purchase is easy and intuitive control via touch screen and QWERTY keyboard, while the functionality and the immediacy of the BlackBerry Hub will be appreciated not only by historical users of terminal’s BB.

Where to Buy BlackBerry Q5

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Value of Money

PROS : 4G/LTE and NFC support, MicroSD slot, Features of the BlackBerry Hub, Intuitive control via gesture touch and QWERTY keyboard.

CONS : Design for improved materials and finishes, Non-replaceable battery, Unusual form factor of the screen, Above the average price, Rear camera disappointing.

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