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Samsung NX200: Review

The Samsung NX200 camera is a compact camera with the technology of a professional camera with interchangeable lens. Embed a CMOS sensor APS-C 20.3 MP with the function of high-speed shooting (7 fps / fast AF) that allows you to easily capture moving subjects.

The camera has a high ISO range (100-12800) which allows you to shoot in virtually any light condition. The new Samsung NX200 also enables you to shoot video in Full HD 1080 30p through the 18-200 mm lens designed exclusively and specifically for Full HD movies.

Samsung NX200: Design

The Samsung NX200 is a compact camera with reduced size and a light weight (about 220.4 grams) and the technological heart comparable to a SLR. The design of the camera is the latest generation and is designed for easy use and intuitive thanks to the focus ring to focus the choice of the selected parameter.

On the back of the camera, I placed a beautiful 3-inch VGA AMOLED display with 614,000 dots (PenTile) and a field of view of approximately 100%. On the sides of the camera are also present hooks for the shoulder strap that made transport safe and effective, just like a real SLR.

Samsung NX200: Features and Functionality

The Samsung NX200 is a compact camera with a CMOS image sensor APS-C 20.3 MP (dimensions 23.5 x 15.7 mm) allowing you to get the images extremely bright and detailed, also this sensor allows video H.264 Full HD with stereo sound and the ability to create still images and adjust the timing, all at 30 fps or 60 fps, but only when using the screen resolution 1,280×720 pixels.

All thanks to a 18-200 mm lens designed specifically for the manufacture of Ful HD movies able to shoot movies sharp and dynamic with a high-capacity zoom. The Full HD video created can be shared on a compatible screen through the HDMI port 1.4° (1080i, 720p, 576p/480p) on the camera (or NTSC or PAL selectable).

Samsung NX200
Samsung NX200

The camera allows you to create high-speed shooting at 7 fps (continuous shooting), allowing the user to capture every moment of the scene of the action. Thanks to the algorithm of management of new generation auto focus the focus has been made much faster and more accurate, without the need to use a separate sensor module.

The Samsung NX200 lets you shoot in virtually any lighting condition and therefore, climate, with high ISO (up to 12,800). Moreover, also in conditions of poor visibility, you can take photos at high speed with noise or blur considerably reduced. The interval may be extended further in order to optimize the potential of light sources available.

The camera is equipped with intelligent i-Function 2.0 lenses that allow you to set the main parameters of shooting with one hand, all directly from the target (features exceptional). The end user will not have to do is press the i button- Function to select the parameter you want to edit, and then rotate the focusing ring to focus (top of the camera) to select the desired parameter value dl.

The Samsung NX200 is equipped with Creative Effects and Magic Frame: you can choose from 10 types of Smart Filters and 12 types of frames in which you can enclose your own photographs. The Samsung NX200 also enables you to take pictures of type Panorama and 3D panorama mode selectable by the user, also thanks to the Smart Panel allow you to select precisely the advanced features in easy and fast thanks to an intuitive graphical interface and accessible using a keyboard shortcut.

Rounding out the features of the camera we find, in addition to the fantastic 3-inch AMOLED display, the processor recognizes and acknowledges that DRIMIII DS instantly reduces noise and distortions of the images taken by the camera.


The Samsung NX200 is a compact camera from the heart and advanced technology of inspiration Reflex, thanks to the processor DRIMIII DS generation. One of the best features of this camera is definitely the excellent APS-C CMOS sensor capable of excellent photos and Full HD video viewable on the beautiful 3-inch AMOLED display. Excellent presence of the Smart Panel which makes it easy and intuitive research of the advanced features of the camera. In terms of pure use very convenient to demonstrate the presence of the side supports for the shoulder strap.

Where to Buy Samsung NX200

Samsung NX200
  • The camera's fast drive enables the capture of decisive moments at a speed of 7...
  • The APS-C sensor features super-sonic dust reduction to keep it free of dust...
  • The bundled 18-55mm lens zooms 3x and offers an aperture range of f/3.5-5.6. The...
  • The NX200's bright 3" AMOLED display features a VGA resolution (640 x 480) for...
  • Display options include Grid (four types), Histogram (for checking exposure...
Easy of Use
Value of Money

PROS : Professional characteristics; CMOS sensor APS-C 20.3 MP; Optics interchangeable 3-inch AMOLED Display.

CONS : Price.

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