Mio Spirit 697 LM: Review

The Mio Spirit 697 LM is one of the latest satellite navigation systems for cars out on the market and belongs to the Spirit series. The navigation system is equipped with IQ Routes technology. A GPS supported Bluetooth, voice recognition and integrated Google Local Search; MioMore also finds services that allow the driver to stay informed about weather conditions, and various services live extremely comfortable. The navigator has a great 5-inch touch screen LCD display with a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels, integrated TMC receiver and 4 GB of memory that can be increased through the slot for Micro SD.

Mio Spirit 697 LM: Design

The Mio Spirit 697 LM is a new navigation system for the automotive design features a simple, modern and elegant, featuring a good color touch screen 5-inch and a resolution of 480×272 pixels. The navigator also has its compact size (14.2 x 8.85 x 1.75 cm) and a fairly light weight of 185 grams, aspects that allow easy transport in any travel condition. Comodo System insertion of the windshield mounted on the back of the navigation allowing you to place the device quickly and safely even when you are in a hurry.

Mio Spirit 697 LM: Features and Functionality

The Mio Spirit 697 LM is a satellite navigation system of the latest generation comes with many high-level features, starting with the 5-inch display (about 12.7 cm) with a resolution of 480×272 pixels that allows optimal visualization of the path to follow and of all those useful information to travel, to the generous size of the display are even more comfortable when you are using the AV input: thanks to this input you can connect a rear camera to facilitate the procedures for reverse ensuring excellent visibility user.

One of the things that struck me most about this browser, unlike many of its competitors in the same market segment, is the presence of integrated TMC receiver (for Navigation in the price range of the Mio Spirit 697 LM receiver is almost always sold separately) allowing you to be constantly updated on the traffic situation in real time.

Mio Spirit 697 LM

Remaining in Live many, like me, will appreciate the presence of this device MioMore services to which they belong, for example, weather forecasts and local search Google. A complete package of functionality ” Comfortable and basic ” find a fantastic trip planner through which you can plan trips from the convenience of your computer using the software MioMore or directly from the device. The  latter allows you to set multiple points of reference, sort them by optimal calculation and preview in simulation mode.

Turning to pure navigation features, the device is equipped with the now necessary and always present IQ Routes function that optimizes the path to follow optimized based on information provided by a high number of drivers to avoid traffic jams and traffic. Very comfortable also the Lane Assistant feature which greatly facilitates the turning of the car or in the proximity of a junction; also comfortable thanks to the realistic 3D, this while driving is even simpler  and optimized.

The navigator is virtually free of the multimedia aspects dresser photo viewer or MP3 player, being devoid of frills but very conscious of making the most of that for which it was designed. In confirmation of this thesis, we will find other ” small ” functionalist that make life easier driving, including the intelligent function find my car, feature selection of routes, parking assistance system, the Bluetooth connection for calls hands-free through a compatible phone and, finally, the voice recognition. This features allows you to enter the desired address simply by speaking a few words, or to answer incoming calls without leave for one second  wheel of his car.


The Mio Spirit 697 LM is a great car navigation system of the latest generation equipped with the latest technologies on the market. He feels the lack of features for fuel economy or otherwise eco-friendly, but it can be overcome by going to consider the presence of the integrated TMC receiver and the other 2.0 features.

Very comfortable and functional AV input for connecting a rear-view camera that makes life easier for the driver when parking or maneuvering. All this at an unbeatably low price and competitive aspects that contribute to make this device a good investment.

Easy of Use
Value of Money

PROS : Update maps for life, 5-inch LCD screen; Expansion Slot Micro SD, Find My Car function; Integrated TMC receiver, Voice Recognition, IQ Routes technology, internal memory 4 GB, trip planner, AV input, Hands-free calling.

CONS : Battery life is not indicated.
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