TomTom Pro 9100: Review

The TomTom PRO 9100 is one of the navigators TomTom dedicated to a strictly business user and designed for efficient use of your time driving whilst ensuring a constant security while working in the area of ​​exercise. The device is integrated with the solution WORKsmart to connect to the office thus ensuring real-time information on the routes traveled, miles, hours of work and efficiency in fuel consumption, which are then placed in WEBFLEET. One of the main features of the navigator is definitely the 16:9 widescreen capacitive with a WQVGA resolution (480×272 pixels) as well as an internal flash memory is 8GB. The device is also equipped with Bluetooth for hands-free use.

TomTom Pro 9100: Design

The TomTom PRO 9100 is a browser very modern simple design and classic at the same time. The 16:9 widescreen display with capacitive 4.3-inch WQVGA resolution (480 x 272 pixels) provides an extremely comfortable and efficient use and also allows a highly detailed display. The navigator is not exactly a featherweight with its 218 grams, more than suitable for the market segment to which it is addressed. The dimensions are also the norm and they are: 127 mm (L) x 79 mm (H) x 19 mm (D).

TomTom Pro 9100: Features and Functionality

The TomTom PRO 9100 is a satellite navigation system directed to customers purely business and counts among its main features, a widescreen 4.3-inch capacitive that enables optimal viewing of driving instruction and driving directions. The wide screen allows drivers to easily manage tasks on your device: drop-down, reports of working hours and sending messages. The navigation is extremely easy to use, will indicate to drivers at any time of a day, the best route and recalculate if problems arise or blocks along the way.

The voice prompts to also allow you to maintain focus on driving as it is also provided a reliable indication of estimated time of arrival. Included in the browser find the WORKsmart that helps people to stay constantly connected with the office thanks to the presence of an integrated GSM modem.

In addition, this feature provides real-time information that allows the manager to keep track of every vehicle and send the person closest to the place where action is required / delivery / collection. All data on mileage, hours of work and on the fuel, consumption is captured and placed in WEBFLEET, which can be easily viewed and used later for creating smart reports.

Among the main advantages of the browser, in addition to the security provided by the constant voice commands and the ability to use it as a support hands-free voice calls (thanks to Bluetooth), we find the functions and Eco Routes IQ Routes. The system allows the calculation Eco Routes and route planning with less environmental impact and therefore, will allow you to save fuel and reduce costs. TomTom uses actual speed data collected from millions of users to calculate the fastest routes at any time: all this thanks to the IQ Routes technology.

Among other, features are the use of technology QuickGPSFix that accelerates the time needed to fix the GPS position and help the motorist to be low more quickly and efficiently. Safety camera warnings allow you to detect the presence of fixed and mobile speed cameras already installed on the device. One of the most interesting and certainly performances of the device is HD Traffic technology, which allows the drive to be informed in real time about the traffic situation around him.


The TomTom PRO 9100 is placed in high-end browser’s road business, with a good quality at a moderate price. The features and specifications are absolute all what you would expect from a dedicated satellite navigation unit to a clientele purely business. Excellent presence of Bluetooth and the tried and tested and efficient system WORKsmart ready for use thanks for the presence of an integrated GSM modem. Each of the most interesting features of the device p definitely the tried and tested features HD Traffic.

Where to Buy TomTom Pro 9100

Easy of Use
Value of Money

PROS : 8 GB internal flash memory, Bluetooth for handsfree calling, 4.3-inch display, integrated GSM modem, Widescreen capacitive.

CONS : Battery life.
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